Daniel Talavera
Daniel is the heart of the project. He is in charge of making the process smooth and of double-checking how the finding process is going to guarantee that you successfully invest in Spain.

Herminia Corral
Herminia is in charge of welcoming clients and making sure that the shortlists of investments are ready when the client comes. She has developed a great experience since joining The Spanish Brick in 2015.

Gisela Galindo
Gisela is a very professional agent who never leaves any loose end. Any detail is important in order to complete a successful process for our clients.

Gary Baker
Gary Baker is The Spanish Brick’s man in Sweden. He knows Valencia well and he leads Swedish investors searching homes and opportunities in the Valencia and Madrid market.

Zorica Maneva
Zorica is in charge of Customer Service and probably the first team member that any client would meet when contacting The Spanish Brick. With international experience in Europe and Australia, Zorica is very efficient and service orientated.

Mare A Perez
Mare is an independent solicitor in order to provide a bespoke legal support to clients, in any matter. You will be introduced to her for an informative chat to understand the ins and outs of the process.

Fernando Merlo
Fernando is a multi-task agent who will give you support not only during the viewings but also when completing your listing and preparing the materials and pictures for you to assess the options before flying to Spain.

John Sanchis
Juan is the refurbishing project manager. He is in charge of assessing and quoting improvements in your property in order to add value. More than 15 years of experience in the field, and he has never been late, and everything has always been within the budget.