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    Solutions for renting your Property in Valencia

    If you have property in Valencia that you don’t want to sell, your best option is to rent your Valencia apartment . Renting your property in Valencia will generate profit from your asset. You will need a property management service if you do not have time neither the expertise. If you want to rent it out in a professional way, you need to ask yourself these questions:

    1) Do you want to be paid on time every month?
    We guess the answer is yes. On time and the full amount without delays.

    2) Do you want to be free of all hassle?
    All of us are busy and we want a smooth process without angry phone calls and messages. Renting your property in Valencia might not be as pleasant as the Valencia weather.

    3) Can you really attend regularly and efficiently to your tenants demands?
    Property, especially tenanted, needs 24/7 attention from you. From a water leak to being locked o, anything can happen and you should give a quick and efficient response. No matter where you are and with who you are enjoying your holiday time with.

    4) Do you want to be legally safe when renting your flat out and have peace of mind earning your regular passive income?
    When signing the agreement, a good contract will give predictability and protect you as the property owner.

    There are a few more relevant questions. But these four are a good approach for your concerns.

    Professional renting in Valencia

    It’s normal to have all these questions when renting a property in Valencia. I have a few property investments in Valencia and had the same questions when starting my portfolio. You are investing lots of money and effort when buying your property. Unpleasant experiences with tenants could make you regret your decision to buy.

    Legally, tenants tend to have great advantages in Spain, that is why it’s highly recommended to have a well bounded rental agreement that doesn’t cut corners and one that will safe-guard you from any potentially long disputes.


    Dealing with hassle

    Also, especially during the first 6 to 8 weeks many things tend to happen and it is important to provide a good service to the tenants. Renting a property in Valencia is a job of little details that really matters. There is a list of things to explain. Not only once, sometimes twice. A light switch is not working, where is the main water tap (in the kitchen or in the bathroom?), the mailbox key doesn’t work properly, how does the washing machine work etc…

    To provide good customer service to both sides, tenants and owners, will smooth the process and definitely will make tenants happy and avoid any friction, misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations. In the end, tenants also want to be happy in the flat. You, as the owner, want to be happy as well, get your monthly rental income and not have unexpected phone calls or messages about things not working properly.

    Valencia Property Investment will give you the peace of mind of enjoying your monthly rent on time and in full.

    Filtering the candidates

    When advertising a property to rent, what tends to happen is that over the first 4 days we get about 50 inquiries from potential tenants. Filtering all these calls and emails in order to pick the right candidates takes time, patience and lots of energy. There is no need to show the flat to all of them since it will be a waste of time and resources, especially when it’s likely that not even 60% meet the requirements.


    Dedicated team

    Our Valencia property rental department does this job for you. We have a dedicated team to interview the candidates, request the documentation and check that the paperwork is in order. Also, our process is focused not only on the financial capability of the candidates but to make sure that they have the right profile.


    More advice to rent your property

    We will help you to rent your property successfully as a holiday, short-term or long-term letting. Contact us for more information and a free consultation about the best strategy to make the most of your property in Valencia.

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