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12 Tips for Spanish Rentals

In Spain, renting property is unfortunately not as flexible and popular as it is in the UK. However, it is picking up, and it will be useful to have some basic advice if you are renting your property to tenants or if you are a tenant who wants to rent a bedroom or a property in Spain.
Advice for landlords and owners

  • MAKE THE PLACE READY– Make your place as attractive as possible for your new tenants.

  • SHORT PERIOD CONTRACT– If you are renting your place for a few weeks or months, get paid in advance as much as possible plus the deposit, if possible. If the rental contract is for 3 months, get the payment in full. Arrange a “Contrato de temporada” – it means an agreement for a certain period up to 11 months.

  • LONG PERIOD CONTRACT– If you are renting your place for a long period, beware that it should be from 1 to 5 years. If the tenants pay and meet the terms of the contract, they can stay up to 5 years regardless your will.

  • THE DEPOSIT– Always get a 1 month deposit… it is compulsory by law and it will also cover you in the event of damage to the flat. You cannot forget this.

  • INVENTORY -Take stock of everything. It will be useful when the tenants check out. The purpose of the deposit is to cover any damages and unpaid utility bills. The purpose of the deposit is not to cover the last month´s rent.

  • THE CONTRACT -Make a tenant agreement (you should do it for your own good). It is better to do it in terms of an “alquiler solidario” rather than an “alquiler mancomunado”. If the tenants do not pay and the contract is “solidario”, any of the tenants are responsible for the whole debt. Otherwise, if it is “mancomunado”, each tenant is responsible for a proportional part of the debt.
    Advice for tenants

  • LEAVING- Leave the place as it was… no more, no less.

  • LEAVING- You must give 30 days notice before leaving the place. Nevertheless, if you have a certain contract term length –i.e. a 1 year contract, and you want to leave earlier, you have to give a convincing reason. An offer of a new job in a different location is the most popular reason. Otherwise, you will be breaking the contract.

  • THE DEPOSIT- Whenever you check out, make sure that you agree about how much of the deposit you will recover from the landlord. He is entitled to spend as much time as he needs to check the property. Get a receipt for any payment. This is a must!!!

  • THE CONTRACT- Always ask for an agreement.

  • PETS- Legally, unless it is stated in the contract that pets are not allowed or that you have to ask the landlord if you can bring your pet into the place, nobody can put up any objection about it.

  • YOUR PRIVACY- By law, it is appropriate for you to allow future tenants to see the flat when your contract is about to expire and the landlord wants to show the property. The place where you live is your private home address until the contract finishes or until a Judge says that you must go -if things become complicated.

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    6 thoughts on “12 Tips for Spanish Rentals

    1. Andres Diez Bronzini

      Tip no. 13 for LONG PERIOD CONTRACT (advice for landlords and owners): get a insurance policy which guarantees you the rent for between 6 and 12 months. In addition to that, the insurance company will evict the tenant who is not paying (no extra charge). Optionally, the insurance covers also damages to your home and furniture. Compare offers of different insurance companies.

      best regards,
      Andres Diez Bronzini

      PS: I like your article

    2. Andres Diez Bronzini

      My personal experience:
      – the equivalent of 1 month of rent per year and
      – normally the first month the tenant does not pay, the insurance company will not pay either.

      According to the Spanish press: between 5 and 8% of the yearly rent.

      It makes sense asking for different offers and compare.

      Andres Diez Bronzini

    3. Andres Diez Bronzini


      You are entitled to TWO MONTHS of deposit if you rent it for short period. If long term, then it is – as correctly said in the article- only one month.

      Best regards,
      Andres Diez Bronzini

    4. Spanish Property- news and views

      Dear Aysha, thanks for your comment and recommendation. I am a Spanish journalist with a personal insight and understanding about the property market in Spain and its trends.

      At the moment I think that I am clear enough according to the feedback that I am having from other readers, and from investors overseas that have contacted me asking for reputable state agents in Spain. All this encourage me to keep going.

      The main purpose of this blog is to advice and to help English speaking investors, owners and tenants that need info, views and advice about what is going on down there. To have your place in Spain is very nice… but it has also special difficulties.

      My point of view regarding property in Spain is that now there is an opportunity to have a place where to live for anybody who wants to move or to step into Spain -either buying or renting. Buying is always welcome, but I have special hopes in the rental market.

      You are right: I will need a native speaking English to make of my posts fine pieces of text (it will be perfect). I will get one at the right time. For the e-book I will finally go for it. Until then I will pass the copywriting to my colleague to double check it before posting. Cheers, Daniel


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