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Madrid is a city of interest for UK property buyers

Many people love Spain because of its coastal areas, but Madrid is gaining in popularity recently.

The economic crisis really put in the spot the capital of Spain, because pricing in Madrid has dropped by half since 2007.  Living the city life or living in the country are both becoming attractive options to those from the United Kingdom. For information and free advice about Property Investments and apartments in Madrid contact the Spanish Brick

The Spanish Brick states that those looking to buy in Madrid are:

1.  Those who enjoy the culture of Spain, and who have visited Madrid previously, and are looking for an investment property.

2.  Those are know people in the city, so they can travel back and forth without having to pay for hotels.

3.  Those who may want to live in the city permanently in the future, but for now, are happy to visit their flat in Madrid a few times a year.

4.  Those who want to buy a cheaper property to make a profit from rentals and then resell the property in the future.

For more information about the Madrid property market in Spain , click the link

Most sought-after districts:

Salamanca:  The priciest area in the city.  It is considered the fanciest place to be.  It boasts top-notch dining and shopping.  Prices are generally less than 4,600 euros per square meter.  But of course, the market varies.  In the best area of Recoletos, for example, prices can jump up to 7 or 9 thousand for a nice apartment, whereas other great areas like Goya or Lista can cost around 5.5 thousand.

Chamberi: A great area for enjoying Madrid.  There are more casual tapas restaurants than in the Salamanca area.  It is less touristy, so you can feel like a real “madrileño.”  However, prices tend to be higher here as well, at around 4,100 euros per meter.

The problem in these two districts is finding a place with a balcony.  Any properties that we previously remodeled lost their balconies for property expansion, so they are harder to find if that is what your heart is set on.

Sol-Opera: Here we have our touristy area.  It’s closer to the palace, the museums, and entertainment venues.  You can find a little of everything however, near the metro station especially.  Prices are usually under 3,800 euros, and there are lots of hostels around.

The range in price in this area is huge, depending on the location within the district.  You can find anything from 160,000 euros to 2.2 million.

Chueca: This is the artsy district.  It is known for its gay and lesbian populations.  Prices are around 4,500 euros per square meter in this area, because it’s so fashionable and desirable, as it’s also located in the center of Madrid.

These are the hot-spots for British buyers at the moment, according to the experts at the Spanish Brick, while analyzing tendencies from the past 18 months.  However, interested buyers should not discount the interesting micro-markets in the area, as they are up-and-coming.

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