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Renting the Whole Flat or Renting Bedrooms in Spain

Buying to let is a good way to start paying for your property. If you are planning to rent your flat in Spain, the most common way is to rent the whole property.

The other rental option is to rent bedrooms. This option is not as common as it is in London but it is becoming popular since the recession makes it unaffordable to rent a whole property.

The Spanish Brick encourages owners to get legal advice in order to avoid regrettable mistakes and also to make the place ready for your tenants. We advise tenants to pay on time, look after the place and enjoy.

Tips and thoughts

If you are an owner and decide to rent bedrooms:

  1. Renting bedrooms in Spain is regulated by the Civil Law, which gives some advantages to landlords.
  2. If you rent bedrooms, you can get access to your property any time (be reasonable about visits) in order to check if everything is in order or to do basic maintenance of the place.
  3. It is easier for the tenants to move out without being fined. Try to make it clear in the contract if there will be any sort of penalty if tenants leave the place before the agreed term. In the same way, it will be easier for the owner to get rid of unwanted tenants if they stop paying the rent.
  4. You can get more revenue renting bedrooms than renting the whole flat. It might be a good idea to include beforehand a fixed fee to cover utility bills for each tenant. In this case, work it out properly.

If you are an owner and you want to rent the whole flat:

  1. This situation is regulated under the Rental Law “Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU)”, which tends to protect tenants’ rights against owners.
  2. According to the law, you cannot get access to your property if the tenants do not allow you. Moreover, they have the right to change the lock of the main door without even asking you -this is very usual.
  3. The agreement will be renewed automatically each year for one more year (up to five) if the time comes and the tenants do not give a notice.
  4. If the tenants do not pay and they do not leave… your only resource is to go to the Court and it may take a few months to sort it out.
  5. If you choose the right tenants it is more predictable that the payments will be on time that renting rooms to different tenants.

One thought on “Renting the Whole Flat or Renting Bedrooms in Spain

  1. Andres Diez Bronzini

    Your article is very interesting, particularly the first option you describe: renting exclusively bedrooms.

    Generally speaking, renting exclusively bedrooms gives the landlord much more power of negotiation.

    For example, the landlord can freely determine the length of the rent: 1 month, 1 day or whatsoever. The landlord is under no obligation to renew or extend the length of the rent if he does not want to do so.

    Basically, in the case of renting exclusively bedrooms the rights and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant are freely determined by the parties.

    In order to avoid conflicts the landlord and the tenant should sign a written contract specifying, amongst other things:

    – Which is the price of the rent? Are there any other costs (e.g. electricity, )?;
    – How much is the deposit?
    – What is the duration of the rent? Which are the requirements and the procedure of an earlier termination of the rent?
    – Does the landlord prohibit the sublease of the bedroom?
    – Which are the rules regarding how to share the kitchen and/or the bathroom (timetable, cleaning)?
    – Are there any rules regarding noises, pets, visitors of the tenant (are they allowed in?)?
    – Which is the inventory of the bedroom?

    If 10 or more readers wish I can check for a sample rent contract (exclusively renting bedrooms) and ask Mr. Talavera to hang it on his news site.

    Thanks for your time,
    Andrés Diez Bronzini


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