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Why Spain is still the country of choice to visit and to invest?

Four good reasons why investors and buyers continue to regard Spain as a safe and attractive choice to invest and enjoy
1) Spain is the main destination for British tourists and overseas property investment. Even in crisis the market is showing potential for overseas buyers, including Brits. Positive changes are taking place. According to the latest housing records (kept by, the rate of purchases of homes in Spain by other Europeans has risen about 12.4%. People from France, Germany and Russia are enjoying the lower prices, as well as other European nationals. British people bought 4, 007 properties in Spain in 2011 – more than double the French who, second in the rankings, bought 1, 972 in the same period. The Germans and the Russians followed close behind, buying 1, 702 and 1, 645 respectively.
2) Spain is in economic difficulties, but it remains in the EU and is undergoing tightening of its regulations to straighten up its financial situation. It will take a few years, but we are confident that Spain will be a land of opportunities for good investments and a good life. For investors in the know, a crisis is also an opportunity!
3) We can see a rapid pace of transaction in Spain; properties change hands in a very few days when bargains and opportunities present themselves. For the property market, the current crisis means better prices for investors and homebuyers, together with the need to operate according to a proper investment model that takes account of location.
4) Spain has not lost its warm climate, attractive lifestyle, fascinating cities or areas of natural beauty. It remains a place generate profit in a different environment: 2-3 bedroom properties in areas with strong, long-term rental demand selling for €40k (£31k) to €90k (£71k)? It’s hard to find that kind of opportunity elsewhere. Rental yields of above 5-6% are achievable. All this in a country like Spain, 2-3 hours flight time away by regular, low-cost airlines, with attractive weather, lovely food and a home from home with retirement opportunities… Taking the opportunity to invest in the Spanish market now could start paying off tomorrow, but it can grow into a healthy business generating wealth well into the future.
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