Following the pattern of the development of the latest new trendy areas in Valencia city, such as Ruzafa or El Cabanyal where the valencia property market has become very promising, Nazaret is the next hotspot in the Valencia property market for property investors in Spain.

The same pattern is applicable to other cities, such as London, when Bethnal Green or Hackney were suburbs in which no-one wanted to live or invest a pound.

Nazaret is one of the traditional boroughs of Valencia city. It is located at the end of the river gardens, just beyond the City of the Science. In this link there are is a sample of properties for sale in Valencia-Nazaret

Location of Nazaret in Valencia city

Nazaret borders with the Valencia port, enjoys the beaches of Cabanyal and Grau in the north, and the beaches of El Saler and Pinedo and the agricultural fields of La Punta in the South.

The location is excellent for commuting anywhere in the city by bike or for exploring the south of Valencia.

Nazaret is well linked with the city centre via the river bed. By bike, you only need to jump into the river gardens and go all the way up to the city centre.

By road, there is easy access to the city centre which takes 20 minutes and to the beaches which takes 5 minutes, you can commute either by driving or by using public transport.

From Nazaret you can literally see the City of the Sciences and get there by having a relaxing 15 minutes walk with your kids and family.

Historically, Nazaret had a lovely beach, the best in town in the 60s … it was called “the silver teacup”. But the expansion of the port towards the South meant giving up the Nazaret beach in favour of overseas trade. It was then that nazaret lost its beach.

nazaret map2

Nazaret population profile

Nazaret has a population of around 9,000 inhabitants and the property market is very active and particular.

The population profile is mainly middle class. There is an important rate of working class, and also of entrepreneurs who have set up their business in the area itself, but work online from home too. Also, there is a relevant area of

Although 20 years ago Nazaret was an isolated corner of the city, nowadays, more and more of Valencia locals are moving to Nazaret, including expats and students. The University is just a 15 minutes drive.

Nazaret is a safe place to live in, not only for locals, but also for foreigners. French, English and Germans are some of the overseas buyers who have decided to invest in properties in Nazaret. Some people like Nazaret while others don’t.

There is no heavy road traffic, no pollution, it is close to agricultural farms and is very well equipped: it includes a huge and very well run health centre, an impressive leisure centre with a gym and a heated swimming pool, three schools; all the amenities you may need. Good transport links, which will soon include the overground train.

Rating key points from 1 to 5 in Nazaret

1) How clean the area is: 4
2) Mixing with real local people: 5
3) Road traffic: 2 (low traffic – very safe and no pollution)
4) Walking distance to the beach: 4 (15 minutes or 5 minutes by bus)
5) Walking distance to green areas such as parks where kids and families can play and relax: 4 (walking to the beach, river gardens and local parks)
6) Safety: 4 (it is quite a safe area)
7) Variety and quality of amenities: 5
8) Health centres: 5
9) Variety and quick transport links to the city centre: 4 (great bus links, and an overground train will be running soon)

Nazaret lifestyle and lowcost property investments

In terms of property prices and lifestyle, Nazaret offers a good balance and definitely an opportunity to invest in Valencia property at a low cost.

We have invested, and so have other investors, in this borough, where you can find the cheapest possible properties of the city of Valencia in a good location. In terms of prices, here are the average asking price per square metre …


Property prices

The average asking price per square metre in Nazaret is €710. The range of property prices vary from as little as €17k all the way up to €300k. The offer of properties in Nazaret is always around 70 properties for sale. In terms of rental income, investors should expect from €250 to €950 per month.

Following the rental strategy of the Spanish Brick, rental yields can go from 7% and up to 12%.  Low-cost investments focus on the local market,

Potential of the area from a property investment and lifestyle point of view

Nazaret is the next hotspot property market in Valencia. The Cabanyal was, until 2 years ago, a poor area with no one investing in it. Now it is a trendy one in Valencia with prices picking up. As it happened in Ruzafa, for example.

There were the same patterns there are now in Nazaret. These are the reasons why we believe Nazaret to be the next hotspot:

1) Population growth guarantees a permanent local market for renting and resale.

2) Proximity to the City of the Science (walking distance).

3) Development of new buildings in the skirt of the borough will help to rise property prices in the area

4) Agricultural new trends and local authority investment in agricultural parks, which is the future of lifestyle in cities.

5) Strong local network of people to promote cultural and social activities, which guarantees for an interesting neighbourhood.

How can The Spanish Brick help you?

We search opportunities for you and help you develop a portfolio of properties in Valencia. We provide all the services that are required, from searching opportunities to renovation and property management, including rentals. Contact Us for more information about this area and property investment opportunities

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