For an specific client, we prepared in September 2016 a selection of apartments for sale in Valencia from what we consider the best areas of Valencia where a family with a budget from €200k to €450k can live and buy a property according to the following: the clients property specifications, a solid property micro-market, good quality properties, proximity to a green space (the Turia River Garden) where you can relax and enjoy long walks away from traffic, services and quick connections to the city centre and the beaches.

They relied on us after understanding that finding apartments in Valencia with honest property expert in order to get the best deals in a safe and quick way.


  • New developments have always more value due to its high and latest quality standards.
  • In recent years, it has been a shortage of new developments due to lack of finance (credit crunch and the property crisis). Therefore, there is a higher demand now.
  • Attics and Penthouses are highly demanded due to the benefit of the climate and sunny weather in Valencia.
  • The Valencia city hot markets are: City Center, Ruzafa, City of The Science area and Cabanyal (by the beach).


Get a good Valencia property shortlist


You are going to see an attic with two terraces in a new development. The average asking price of an attic in Valencia is €2,533/sqm.

Today’s attic in Saidia is €1,863/sqm.

Additionally, the beauty of this property that we are going to show you today is that the two terraces deliver whole day sunlight, whereas conventional attics have usually good light either in the morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening.



This area is an expansion of the Valencia old town, at the Quart Gates which was built in the Middle Age. It is a well looked-after and reputable part of the old town, away from the clubbing nightlife that the centre of the old town generates specially at weekends.

The Botanic area is within walking distance from the city centre (just few minutes); walking distance from the cultural part of the city, from the Gardens and additionally enjoys good transport links. It is at the opposite end of the city from the beach, but within 25 minutes you can get there.

The good point of this area is that, apart from being a consolidated property market, the influence of the Botanic-Ornamental Gardens (by themselves) and the Museums make this net of streets a “jewel” in the city.



This is the old bed of the river Turia, which was diverted in the late 50’s after a tragic river flow inundated the city. So, the Government diverted the river towards the south and allowed heavy industry to set up around the old river. There were no properties there… just factories.

It was in the late 80’s when a new “Urban plan” came into force. This plan was designed to allow the city to grow around the old river bed. Therefore, the factories gave way to urban plots. It was in the late 90’s when the new property developments started here.

The City of the Science area is a solid market with an average asking price of €2,435/sqm + garage to be paid separately.

The price/sqm of the properties that you are seeing today in the City of the Science are:

  • Ref 6974: €1608/sqm (including garage)
  • Ref vlc49: €2000/sqm (including garage)
  • Ref 6969: €1379/sqm

The area nearby of the City of the Science has been developed in the last 2 decades. Good quality of properties in a high-end area now.

There are plenty of restaurants, boutiques bars, cinema and entertainments in the El Saler shopping centre.

Great direct transport links with the city centre and the beaches. Also, it is just 5 minutes driving from the beach. There are good connections from the City of the Science area to the beaches of the South of Valencia.

Something that many overseas buyers do not know is that in the south (just 20 minutes driving from this areas) you can enjoy the natural Park and natural beach of El Saler. Why everybody goes to the beaches by the Valencia port.

Also, in the south you can enjoy the beach of Pinedo, which is a small village linked to the city of Valencia by an easy access road and the bus number 15.

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