The boroughs of Grao, Cabanal and Canyamelar in Valencia are in the top 10 Spanish property investment : a booming neighbourhood next to the sea where you can live by buying or renting a house or room

The Grao Canyamelar area is located very close to the sea and it is one of the parts of Valencia which is booming at the moment. With a strong property market to invest in Valencia apartments for sale from €39k, This suburb has welcomed outstanding events to the city such as the America’s Cup and Formula 1 Grand Prix, and consequently over the last few years the neighbourhood has seen the introduction of numerous services.


The area has three main avenues: Calle Serrería, Avenida del Puerto and Avenida de Francia. Apartments for sale in this areas vary of price but are quite demanded. Properties in Avenida de Francia are the most expensive. A large but manageable amount of traffic flows along these avenues, and the rest of the roads which make up the area are very quiet.


One of the characteristics of this suburb is its brightness. Its proximity to the sea combines with the fact that the original houses in the neighbourhood are a low height and the newer homes are located on the wider streets, meaning that the light from the Mediterranean floods into this neighbourhood.

Walking through this part of Valencia is very gratifying. In addition to the various gardens in the neighbourhood, locals from the area also often stroll through the recently refurbished Puerto de Valencia, which is just a 15 minute walk away. The area is also very close to the City of Arts and Sciences, around a 15 minute walk on foot. Next to the City of Arts and Sciences you will also find the ancient Río Turia riverbed, known as the green lung of the city, which is an ideal place to stroll or play sport.

Sport is very deeply-rooted in this neighbourhood too. Both the Valencia Marathon and Half-Marathon pass through the streets of this popular part of Valencia.

In spite of the current growth of this neighbourhood, the area conserves its authenticity and heritage. Strolling along Serrería Avenue we can see various chimneys of the old port factories which have been preserved as a reminder of the industrial heritage of the area.

Traditional traders such as greengrocers, haberdashers and fishmongers live side by side in harmony with large supply areas. It is a neighbourhood with a wide variety of places to buy things.

With regard to restaurants, this area has a broad assortment of places to have a bite or a drink. Serrería Avenue is teeming with popular bars such as La Flamenca, Avenida del Puerto has franchises such as Burger King as well as typical bars like Casa Soler, and Avenida de Francia is characterised by signature restaurants like Francia 19 or the Japanese restaurant Osaka. This street is also known for being home to the offices of important companies so from Monday to Friday it is normal to see executives going to work and eating at the numerous bars which offer lunch menus.

Another of the areas where you can eat or dine out is Puerto de Valencia, which has a large area with restaurants and pubs in enviable surroundings in front of the dock in the harbour.

Opposite the main harbour we have the JJ Dominé street, which is one of the most expensive where to buy an apartment in the city. Definitely it is good to own a property around JJ Dominé.

Grao Canyamelar also has a sizeable selection of schools, both public and state funded. This neighbourhood is also near to both the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University, around a 30 to 40 minute walk away. It is possible to get to the different bus lines via the metro.

With regard to Healthcare, this area has three outpatient facilities in the neighbourhood and one of them is the referral clinic located on Avenue Serrería, which is open 24 hours a day and has an on-call service at weekends as well as offering general medicine such as paediatrics.

The neighbourhood has numerous public transport options: tram, metro and various bus lines. The tram passes through the whole area all the way to the Malvarrosa Beach. The metro located on Avenue Serrería is on line 5, and is just three stops from the Mestalla football stadium (Valencia CF) and five from the centre of Valencia. In addition, it is on a direct line without transfers to the city’s airport.

Another of the outstanding features of this area is that it has a recently-opened cycle lane, both on Avenue del Puerto and Avenue de Francia, as well as numerous Valenbisi stations (a municipal bicycle service).

In terms of leisure activities, this neighbourhood is also very close to one of the main shopping centres in the city: Aqua. It is a shopping centre which brings together shops for all the well-known companies, numerous restaurants and a cinema. The cinema also has a screen for showing 3D films.

The neighbourhood has also been the place chosen to host the city’s Christmas Fair attractions for the last few years.

Add to all this various events which take place in the city, whether in Puerto de Valencia, such as concerts or cultural or musical events, or in the City of Arts and Sciences.

The way of life of the people who live in Grao Canyamelar is tranquil, family-oriented and modern. It is a dynamic neighbourhood where middle-aged people dominate. It is also a neighbourhood with a flow of business people as there are offices of many companies located in this area.


Fact sheet (score from 1 to 5)

Cleanliness: 4

Social-economic profile: middle class in the Serrería and Avenida del Puerto area, and upper-middle class in the Avenida de Francia area. Nice, open people. It is possible to strike up friendships through participation in recreational events.

Traffic and cars: 3

Distance to the beach: approximately 15 minutes on foot, 4 minutes by public transport.

Distance to parks: neighbourhood parks: 1 minute on foot. From Río Turia to the top of the City of Arts and Sciences is about a 15 minute walk.

Safety: 5

Variety of venues, restaurants and shops: 4

Health centres and hospitals: 4

Alternatives to public transport: 4

Schools and Universities: 4

Perception of population growth. In the Serrería Avenue and Puerto avenue area there is not huge population growth, as they have been established for many years. Nevertheless, there is an interesting floating population that keeps the rental market alive.

On the other hand, in the “Avenida de Francia” area there has been a real estate boom with many newly-built properties and there has been considerable population growth.

In terms of property prices, the average asking price in the area according to is 1,500 Euros/m2

In terms of property prices in the rental market, the average asking price in the area according to is 5.6 Euros/m2

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