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The Recesion does not Stop Britons from Searching a Home Abroad

When decision time comes, Spain will always be one of the favourite destinations for Britons who want to emigrate or just want to invest in property. According to research from the property website , the rate of Britons looking for a property abroad was 151% higher in June 2010 than in June 2009. A total of 1,500 Britons were questioned in the research.

The favourite destination is Spain, informs The Daily Telegraph.

It is very interesting that despite the economic climate in the country and the bad press that the Spanish property market has received in the UK, investors still have their sights set on Spain.

One point to clear up: Bad press has been merely earned solely because “property cowboys” in Spain have ruined the market – an explanation of the term “property cowboy” will follow in another post.

In an article from The Daily Telegraph, Ann Wright, International Development Manager of Primelocation International, said: “While the market in Spain has suffered from some bad publicity recently, there has been no significant drop in the number of people searching for property in the country on Primelocation International”.

“The fact remains that there are many reasons why the country remains attractive to British buyers. Spain’s main attractions are still the warm climate, great beaches and unique culture all just a short flight from the UK; these factors will still draw in international buyers whatever the economic situation.”

She added that “It is also worth remembering that, while most of the problems experienced in recent years have centred on the Costas, there is far more to the Spain than just the southern coast.”

In the rankings, France, the U.S, Portugal, and Italy follow Spain.

A breakdown of the survey reveals that 33% considered emigrating, 23.7% were looking for an overseas holiday home and 12.4% were searching for an investment property. 15.3% were foreign buyers looking to purchase a property in the UK.

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