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The gap between buyers and sellers of homes is 42,300 euros

The negotiation margin between buyers and sellers in each transaction is a world apart.  There are many factors involved and currently the urgency for selling and the urgency for wanting to get a good deal is one of them.
Due to the fall of home prices, the distance between spanish property buyers and sellers continues being significant, which is delaying the clearing out of the Spanish housing market.
A study from the spanisl site cites this gap in 2012 as being 42,367 euros, more than 4,500 euros less than in 2011.  Although the prices of the properties being advertised shorten distances facing the ideal budget of potential buyers, the process goes more slowly than in other countries where sales have already gotten on a path again where growth is more or less stable.
The analysis of the offer prices and demand prices done by since 2009 shows that this distance between what the seller is asking for and that which the buyer is able to pay has gone from 55% to 33% at the national level in these four years. 
According to Miguel Angel Alemany, general director of the site, “this percentage would be even lower, since the offer prices that the portal publishes are not definitive and they are subject to negotiation between both parties.”  Alemany also stresses that the data given by the report gives faith to the “great effort done on the part of the seller at the time of adjusting prices,” since a flat on sale in Spain has gone from 220,500 euros in 2009 to 169,867 euros in 2012.
Spaniards’ budgets for getting a house have been reduced in 2012, going from 142,500 euros for a 90 square metre home to 127,500 euros.  The head of affirms that “the crisis has affected, in a direct way, the buying power of families, and this reduction in revenue, together with the fact that the amount of those financing entities is less, obligates the demand to reduce its intentions.”  In this sense, the progression toward the bottom of the economic scene, above all at the labor level, reduces the bidding budget when it’s time to get a home.

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