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Spain: unemployment reach its peak…deeper crisis and cuts

Today 1st of May, this article is not about property. It is about unemployment and some examples of how the crisis in Spain and euro cuts salaries and jobs.
The situation in Spain continues its fall from bad to worse.  The Government cuts are meeting with financial burdens, the rise of taxes and the daily drama that the Spanish “middle class” (it is disappearing) are living due to the increase in unemployment.  The latest figures are really worrying and we don’t know when the situation will get better.
The draining of unemployment continues and gets even worse with respect to the last two years.  The number of people unemployed grew by 365,900 in the first quarter of 2012, which leaves the total figure at 5,639,500 unemployed, the largest in recent history.
The increase, that was produced after the labor reform entered forcefully in the month of February, made the rate of unemployment rise 1.59 points.  It is already situated at 24.44% of the active population, the highest in all of the European Union. It does not mean that the reform was wrong. We are from point of view that such reform was a must and the result will not be visible shortly after.
Since 2001, the rate of unemployment has reached its highest level.  Going further back, a percentage of this nature has not been reached since the first trimester of 1994.

Unemployment among foreigners

It also went up among foreigners, with 67,400 more unemployed people with respect to the last trimester.  This adds up to 1,293,100, bringing the rate of unemployment in this group to 36.95%.

Real life examples

Luisa lost her job two years ago and her husband just lost his.  Luisa’s problem is that the state-assisted high school (subsidized) that her daughters go to in Valencia is currently not receiving regional government assistance, so that she has to try to find ways to pay the whole fee of their schooling.
Miguel works as a cook in a restaurant at a university Campus and in November they lowered his salary by € 200.
Fernando Morales is a top doctor (general practice) and his montly salary has been cut by more than 800 euros.  Maria works as a nurse with Miguel and her salary has suffered a cut of 300 euros.
The outlook in Spain is not very encouraging, and the economic pressure is affecting people more and more all the time.  The largest unknown is figuring out when the crisis will be lifted and in what state of development the country will be in.
We hope that people sharpen their imaginations in a constructive way and that the economic crisis does not ruin moral principles of cooperation and support.

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