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Sant Pere de Ribes Offers the Premiere Lifestyle Just 20 Minutes from Barcelona

The British community in Sant Pere de Ribes is remarkable. It is very well-integrated into the society there. The area is so appealing to the British community because of the quality of life offered in combination with the lovely environment that blends a country feel with the Mediterranean seaside, offering plenty of local cuisine as well.
Sant Pere de Ribes is a Catalan municipality of the Garraf region, in the province of Barcelona. It consists of two neighbourhoods: the Ribes area that is the historical centre, and Les Roquetes that is around five kilometres away.
One of the largest attractions is that despite being an interior town (in the countryside), it has a strip of beach of about 500 metres. In addition, it is very close to the famous village of Sitges and its beach, made of fine sand, which offers a great variety of options for spending free time and recreation for its residents.
With respect to the environment surrounding the mountain, the natural park of Garraf is found among the regions of Baix Llobregat, Pendedés, and Garraf. It is made up of an especially rocky countryside with numerous underground caves formed by the erosion of water on the calcareous stone. It offers its visitors a large range of possibilities involving nature.
In one line, we can say that Sant Pere de Ribes is a lovely town with coastal and countryside options and a great lifestyle for families, just 20 minutes from Barcelona (39 km), 10 minutes from the lovely beach of Sitges, and 20 minutes from the El Prat internationl airport to get to the U.K.

Property prices in Sant Pere de Ribes

Regarding properties for sale in the town, there are different options. Traditionally, there are big houses and flats. A house with four bedrooms can range in price from 300,000 euros to 595,000 euros. A 3-bedroom property could range from between 165,000 and 330,000 euros. All of the houses are very well equipped and are lovely places to live. See an example of property for sale in Sant Pere de Ribes .
The most important activity of Sant Pere de Ribes has been the cultivation of the vineyard for the making of wine, with the number of wine cellars dedicated to making it abounding.

History and architecture

In addition to the great cuisine, calm life, seaside and rural environments, and lovely local livelihood, we can add the remarkable historic part of Sant Pere de Ribes. The Bell-lloc Castle was constructed in the 10th century on a slope and surrounded by the shore. It defended the passage between the mountain and the sea, between the Islamic and Christian realms.
The first ever town hall was a building from the 15th century that was the previous headquarters of the town hall and the first school of the municipality. Currently, it houses the Tourism Office. Redós de Sant Josep i Sant Pere is a modernist building of wide dimensions built in 1901 that was used as a hospital. The old church of Sant Pere was built in the 10th century and was reformed in the 17th century.
One of its highlights is the “Soul´s Entrance,” which was from the 14th century and which will certainly demand your attention. The San Pablo shrine was built in the 15th century together with an ancient Roman town. There is definitely a lot of history that lives and breathes in Sant Pere de Ribes.
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