Buying a property in which you can run your own business whilst you enjoy a Spanish life style is for some people like a dream.

Either you love the Pyrenees, the Costa del Sol, the endless plateau of the Quijotes Castilla la Mancha, the stunning green landscape of the north of the country just a short while from the beach, the Catalonian Costa Brava, the galeic Galicia or the Mediterranean climate of Valencia, in Spain there are various options in which you can do this. Mainly because all parts of Spain are so blessed with beauty that national and tourists from abroad represent a permanent stream of joy, happiness and business at the same time

The most profitable as suggested by the market trend is to buy your own house and run it as a Bed & Breakfast in an amazing location: either by the beach, in rural Spain, in a Hamlet or just in a Natural reserve with hundreds of walkers passing by every day.


The Spanish Brick currently offers a number of different options at good prices, following the prices decline of the market, and we are searching for more bespoke options:

CASA HILARIO 3  seronda Bed & Breakfast for sale in Huelva solares


The key positive points of a Bed & Breakfast in Spain:

1 – You own your own property and make cash and run a business from it.

With permission you can guide your own destiny and build on your own vision. You have control over constructing the style of your business. There are not many limitations in terms of where you want to go with your ideas.

2 –  You know the area well and become a reference for tourists and travellers.

You get pride from guiding the experience of your customers and you create a chain where your customers pass on their great experiences to friends and build a potential vast future customer base. Future tourists that will be looking for a holiday abroad will see your reviews and will know where to stay when it comes to choosing a place to stay; your hotel.

3You find yourself settled into the local area.

You can run a business from a place that you feel really comfortably in living in. You build a new home for yourself and you will feel free and feel like it is as if you were born here. You will feel well respected by the local people and the people that visit and this in turn will make you feel as if you will never need or will never want to leave.

4 – If you like meeting and getting to know people then you will definitely meet plenty of new people and they will remember you well.

This will be a business that you will be most passionate about as you will enjoy the thrill of getting to meet new people every day and feel great that you are being a part of their happiness and knowing that you are most likely going to be building friendships rather than just pure customers. Their experience will remain imprinted in their mind and the chance of them returning in the future will be very high.

5- You become well known by the locals and your social life can easily be as broad as you want.

Establish some very strong friendships and become a very popular person within the local area. You will be frequently recommended and you will find that your happiness is very easy to achieve with the pleasant friendliness of the local people. This is a given concept; happy people and a good social environment is the key to living a fulfilling and joyful life.

6 – You can employ locals.

Locals know the area best and they are always on hand to offer the best and quickest solution to any possible question. They are the most trusting and helpful resource who have decades of knowledge of the local area. Whilst taking advantage of decent wage payments of local workers you can get the best service and value for your money.



The Spanish Brick currently offers a number of different options and we are searching for more bespoke options. In the last months we have received quite a few inquiries from UK and European buyers (Belgium and French) looking for these sort of investments.

Please contact us for more details about the business in terms of potential profit, costs and income and status of the property. Some of them already have a stream of regular clients and lead generators:

1) Investment: Bed & Breakfast in Huelva , in the natural Park Sierra of Aracena

A very pleasant town in Andalucia in the south of Spain is home to a very nice, traditional house which could be a great investment opportunity. The house is fully equipped with all amenities; therefore it is very much ready to be used for business, as it has been in the last 6-7 years. The town itself is home to cultural and architectural treasures. There are 5 double bedrooms and there is also a possibility to build on the house.

2) Magnificent Ten Bedrooms Villa in Asturias. The owner of the B&B business is retiring.

This building is currently used as a rural hotel therefore it is perfectly maintained. It was originally built for a local aristocratic family. It is located in a lovely, small and traditional village called Hermosa, very close to the city of Santander, in the North of Spain. In its vicinities there are beautiful mountains, prehistoric and historic sites, sky resorts, beautiful villages and world heritage sites. The international airport is only 15 minutes from the house. The most beautiful beaches are also very close to the property.

3) Four Apartment B&B House in Asturias, ready for business with a base of clients.

A four apartment town house with an amazing location in the mountains and Natural Park with easy access to the city of Oviedo and its airport. There are 4 options; to acquire the whole property and business, to acquire the whole property for residential purposes, to acquire the whole property and business and let the current owners run the business or to do a joint venture and acquire 50% of the business.

4) Seven Houses village in the Natural Park of Cazorla, run as a touristic business

This is a group of seven houses in the town of Hornos del Segura, Jaen. The location is 867 metres above sea level and the town has just 782 inhabitants. All of the houses are integrated in the same building but are completely separate from each other. The house is very close to small locations of high historic value and surrounded by forest of holm oaks and pine.

 5) Town House in a hamlet in Leon, by a Natural Park Reserve

This is a lovely house in Leon situated just outside the Picos de Europa National Park. It is 40km from the Leon capital and 50km from Leon airport. It is situated in La Losilla which is a hamlet of just some 50 inhabitants. It has its own restaurant and there are many places to visit and various activities to do within the surrounding areas.

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