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Rincón de la Victoria, a great alternative along the Costa del Sol

Rincón de la Victoria, in the Axarquia district in the Costa del Sol area, is a classic area of local tourism, full of charm, with a sensational seaside promenade, and 9 kilometres of coast.

The housing prices vary depending on quality and location, but generally speaking, studio apartments are at prices between €45k and €65k, while 1 bedroom apartments go for under 100,000 and 2 bedrooms start at around 115,000.

The homes that are most in demand are those with 2-3 bedrooms.

One bedroom rentals start at around €450, while those with two can fluctuate between €550 and €650 depending on the quality.

The most interesting thing about Rincón de la Victoria is that it combines fabulous coastal and ideal countryside surroundings for Brits and tourists from the Nordic countries, with a predominantly local Spanish population, which, during the summer season, welcomes those from Malaga with a residence in Rincón de la Victoria.

About Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria is a beautiful Spanish municipality of the Malaga province, in Andalusia. It is the municipality with the greatest provincial well-being according to the Concise Well-Being Indicator drawn up by the Economic Analysts of Andalusia (the AEA)–from the Unicaja group. It is situated in the Axarquia district and integrated into the metropolitan area of Malaga.

Rincón de la Victoria, in 2008, had a population of 37,145 inhabitants according to its census, making it the tenth most populated municipality in the Malaga province and the second most in the Axarquia district, only coming in behind Velez-Malaga.

Along the corner-like coast are four beaches. The westernmost, situated right on the edge of the municipality of Malaga, is the Cala de Moral (Mulberry Cove) beach, which is 1.3 km long. The beach is made up of crushed stone and dark sand.

Rincón is situated in third place according to the number of economic activities of the Axarquia district, only behind Velez-Malaga and Nerja. The main activity is retail, which represents more than 30% of the total, followed by the hotel trade (17%), and construction.

Among the cultural events of Rincón, the Treasure Cave International Festival and blues, jazz, flamenco and classical music festivals stand out, which are celebrated in the grotto of the marina, and have free entry. Exclusively dedicated to flamenco is the Puerta de la Axarquia Flamenco Festival, which is celebrated annually in August, while the Comedy Festival is a theatrical and musical demonstration that happens all over the four main centers of the municipality during the month of July, generally in outdoor areas, with companies from Spain as well as from the rest of the world turning up.

Along the 9 kilometres of coast in Rincón de la Victoria, we can enjoy some beaches that are distinguished by their fine sand and crystalline waters, with the majority including all of the necessary services. The most important are the beaches at Los Rubios, Torre de Benagalbón, Rincón de la Victoria and Cala de Moral. This last one is prized with the Blue Flag.

Here we arrive at the ESSENTIALS or “Must Sees” as English speakers put it. This seaside promenade is, in my opinion, the most beautiful in the entire province of Malaga, with its almost 7 kilometres that connect Rincón de la Victoria with La Cala de Moral making it into an ideal place for spending time along the shores of the Mediterranean.

In its first part by Rincón de la Victoria, the seaside area is rather typical and is similar to many others. In the summertime it is rather common to find clothing and accessory stands and activities for the little ones. The buildings are found right on the coastline, where hotels and restaurants are not missing from the scene and on one of the sides you can find a bicycle lane.

However, when we continue on toward the west, we start to see that the ground changes, and the surface becomes ideal for skaters, as little by little we get closer to the Cantal cape.

A calcareous cliff rises up on the coastline, where we can see the Virgen del Carmen Sanctuary on top of the rocks along the seaside, and some magnificent views of the entire coast.

Starting from here is where the originality of this coastline is really found, since it is here that we can cross underneath the rocks through intensely interesting illuminated caves.

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