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Puerto Banus: a vision of luxury marina

By Inés Miladinov (travel writer)

Puerto Banús is located in the south of Spain, in Andalucía and is a one of a kind, specially created marina designed to impress its visitors.  The vision of a luxury marina was born in the heart of José Banús, a local spanish property developer. José wanted to create an exceptional and dazzling marina with exclusive apartments, luxury shopping, and excellent yachts and of course, a variety of à la carte restaurants.

His vision came to life in May of 1970 when the marina officially opened for business and welcomed its first eager visitors.


Today Puerto Banús is visited by 5 million people yearly, among those 5 million countless celebrities, who are known for visiting this exceptional gem.  This rather small, but striking community has grown to be known all over the world. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy all year round docile climate, and is the perfect holiday getaway for those snowy and dreary days.


Visiting or even living here, you will never have the opportunity to be bored. Beautiful golden beaches, which stretch for kilometres, are available if you are wishing to allow yourself to relax and sink into the calming sound of the waves. However, if you are wishing to experience a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, there are many organized beach parties available and sport events as well.


Visitors are often drawn to the Plaza Antonio Bandera’s, a square named after the famous actor who was born in Málaga, a city close to the marina. A cinema is situated within the community and a visit there makes for an ideal romantic evening out. A grand casino is also on hand which can provide an exciting and perhaps, rewarding experience.

Puerto Banús is simply the cream of the crop of luxurious destinations. It not only offers grand shopping experiences and living standards, but awe-inspiring natural scenery as well. Open bars located on the beach, cafes to be found in the boulevard offering views of the endless ocean,  and even a sand carving of yourself which can be created by a sculptor on the beach can be found in this amazing location.


Aqua parks are available for children and those young at heart to take pleasure in. Walking along the marina itself, visitors can catch a glimpse of the rich sea life surrounding this location.  Yachts are of course, available for rent for those longing to sail off into the sunset and experience the sea on a completely new and exciting level.


Pic by The Golden Mile Group


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