Overseas buyers are relying on The Spanish Brick to obtain a trustworthy professional service working exclusively for them:

allowing them to find what they need, while saving time, money, and preventing the frequent problems that always appear in a distressed market such as lots of oversupply, sub prime properties, non-professional agents, unclear processes and potential “scammers”among others.

We are a group of professionals involved in The Spanish Brick to provide a bespoke and dedicated service allowing you to get what you require whilst having the best possible experience. Contact us to find out more.

Who are ‘The Spanish Brick’ clients?:

  • Buyers and investors who need a reliable professional service with the knowledge, experience and the local networks to find the best properties at the best price.
  • Buyers who do not want to risk their money and time in any of the following ways: buying sub-prime, flying again and again to Spain for displeasing viewings, being scammed, buying bad properties that seem ok but have legal issues.
  • Investors looking for properties that deliver a specific yield.
  • Buyers with a restricted budget looking for a property with certain specifications and location.
  • Buyers or investors who do not have the language or skills to search and negotiate.
  • Buyers or investors who do not have the time to search, place enquiries and deal with vendors and agents via email and telephone.

The Spanish Brick is a property business run by Daniel Talavera, a Spanish property investor turned Spanish property finder to help other investors and buyers. Having worked with overseas buyers since 2006, Daniel possesses the knowledge, skills, insight and local networks that you need.

Before launching The Spanish Brick in 2010, Daniel had worked in Property Secrets Ltd with overseas property investors since 2006 and also had a short experience in another UK corporate in London, Currency Solutions ltd, in 2009.

The Spanish Brick

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