The Spanish Brick is celebrating three years of helping overseas buyers and investors in a very special way.  We are now going to unveil the 10 main reasons why overseas clients prefer to work with a specialized property finder service rather than doing the job from scratch by themselves.

A professional property finder (PPF) service is not about selling you a property.  A property finder is not an agent.  Do not be confused.  A PPF is a professional service that provides advice, time searching and viewing properties, analysis of the options and selections for a customized portfolio just for you, conducting the whole process and negotiating everything.

All 10 reasons can be summarized in this one sentence: Overseas buyers are relying on The Spanish Brick to get a trustworthy professional service who can find what they need, while saving time, money, and preventing the frequent problems that always appear in a distressed market with lots of oversupply.

  1. Buyers and Investors are looking for support to achieve their investment goals and/or their dream property.  Independent support is important in order to analyse the property, whether you are an investor or a home buyer.
  1. A property finder saves you money from the beginning: With a good service you will save time and money during the process (rather than if you attempt to do it by yourself) and there is no need for you to take an unwanted and expensive trip for your research.
  1. Achieving the property risk-free is the third most popular reason: The property finder is in charge (and feels responsible) of conducting all the due diligence and conveyancing to guarantee that there are no issues with the property that may put the investment at risk.
  1. A property finder speaks the language and breaks any cultural barrier with sellers.  Also, a property finder moves well, works with local people, and connects well with people, which is crucial for grabbing bargains directly from sellers.
  1. Getting the best possible price.  There is nobody better than a good property finder who communicates well for understanding the seller’s situation, and the finder is able to place an offer to speed up the process and secure the best possible deal for the client.
  1. You, the client, never get over-exposed to or chased by sales people.  Many clients feel uncomfortable or even feel intimidated when being pushed by salespeople.  Dealing with a property finder will keep you in the VIP box and keep you well-informed. A PPF is transparent with the client and do not hide any relevant information.
  1. Service, service, service.  Overall, clients want the best properties and a service that provides easy access to key information about the areas, the property findings and the status of the process.  The finder’s fee that the client pays with the commission is equal to the value of the whole service provided.
  1. The client also wants to feel like they are in good hands: The property finder feels responsible for the search and for making sure the client gets the best property on the market.  100% risk-free is paramount.
  1. Going beyond the mere agreement… A property finder is a committed person who always puts in the extra effort in order to deliver customer satisfaction.  A property finder is the one who comes along with you and never leaves you alone.
  1. The property finder puts his face, his word, his loyalty and his credibility above all else.


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