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New Agents and Great Properties in the Fair “A Place in the Sun”


This year, a total of 38 stands offered “Properties in Spain” in the Fair “A Place in the Sun” in London (in 2011 there were 35).  There were properties repossessed by banks, product from property developers and offers from estate agents with dwellings for sale on the part of the owner.  Having 85% of new stands (most of them Estate Agents) with Spanish product this year is a totally different story than last year.  That is to say: new brands and new agencies.

Good variety of estate agents

There was a good variety of exhibitors:  small companies and large firms. We want to highlight businesses that are 100% Spanish (Spaniards attending to the British public) and the English agents that came from Torrevieja, Málaga, Marbella, and other coastal towns in order to present their product to the assistants.  Good luck to all of you.
Repossessed products had their exclusive place at the Fair, as the total amount of repossessions added up to around 11,000 units.

Properties and additional services

At the Show, it was evident that the Spanish property market has become really affordable. Amazing offers are on offer from as little as €61K for a 2 bedroom flat, just 15 minutes from the beach, and brand new apartments exist from €57K, as just two examples.

Apart from the properties, a broad range of services were being promoted in order to help complete deals with a happy ending, for both buyers and sellers: insurers, mortgage-providers, legal services, rental management, furniture companies, currency exchange solutions, building contractors etc

“Quality” Visits

According to the organization, the number of visits was 4,753 and the influx was constant in the last hours of the day on Friday (the visitors went from work to the Fair).  On Saturday, there was more of the same until three o’clock in the afternoon (when people left the Fair to rest for the weekend—or to watch football, as the Premier was coming to an end).
According to the interviewed agencies, the number of visits stood out because of their particular nature and because of the predisposition of the client to put a request in place, to leave contact information to do a follow-up, and, on the part of the agent, to close a potential sale.


If you are interested in learning more about the sort of property bargains presented at the 2012 show and the list of Agents, just Contact Us




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