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Manilva, an emerging market in the Costa del Sol with prices falling from 40%

Article from Spanish Real Estate website
The current housing market situation in Spain is also affecting the Costa del Sol, offering economical prices for buyers and investors that are looking for “hot spots” in this much desired area.
According to our criteria, if we have to mark out a “micro-market” in the Costa del Sol that stands above the rest, it is Manilva.
In practically all of the towns of the coastal zone, like those inland, we find ourselves with numerous urban developments in outlying zones. It is in these places where the largest number of unsold properties is concentrated, and therefore, where the fall of prices has been most pronounced. On the contrary, with the city centres as well as with the beachfront, the number of available units is less, because the sale price of these can be better protected.
 In Manilva, we find one of the zones where the broadest spectrum comes together with regard to type and case load.
In our point of view it is the “ugly duckling of the Costa del Sol.” In a reduced geographical space we find ourselves with a golf course, a marina, coastal city centers and areas removed from the coast. According to sources from a local Property Advice firm that work with repossessions, in this space we find:
1) Luxury beachfront homes whose original prices per square metre were around € 6,000. Set aside equally for: first residences, second residences and holiday rentals.
2) Luxury homes away from golfing and coastal zones, whose original prices per square metre were around €4,000. Mainly set aside for first residences.
3) Homes on the golf course whose original prices per square metre were around € 3,000. Set aside for: first residences, second residences and rentals.
4) Homes in the city centre whose original prices per square metre were around € 2,000. Set aside for the fundamental use of habitual residence.
5) Depending on the product, the falling of prices in this zone has fluctuated between 40% and 65%.
The objective market of Manilva can be divided into the following percentages, according to the same source of information:

  • 60% international clientele. Of this percentage, 80% are British.
  • 40% national clientele, fundamentally from the north of Spain as well as from other zones of Andalucía.
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    How To Arrive?
    In order to gain entry to the touristic exquisiteness of this metropolis, the traveler can opt for the airports of Málaga or Gibraltar. The first is located 80 kilometres from Manilva, while the second is only 35 away.
    On the other hand, if the traveller prefers to reach his objective sliding along the train rails he can count on the Málaga and Algeciras train stations. Jerez airport is a very well-liked arrival point for experienced travelers who want to avoid traffic and have easier and cheaper car rental.
    But if the visitor likes to sail, the Duquesa marina is available for tying up his sailboat and rubbing shoulders with the spare inhabitants. Of course, the automobile embodies one more option for the traveler that would be able to drive along the Autovía del Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Highway), in the direction of Cádiz, and to remain attentive to the informative signs once he sees the city of Estepona.
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