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Low budget investors are chasing after the Spanish market in the current crisis climate

Ten years ago it was very expensive to buy and invest in property in Spain. Now, after the credit crunch and the current property market crisis, Spain offers an opportunity to buy and even to invest in property that is not to be missed.
We have received dozens of enquiries from low budget investors and home buyers who want to take advantage of the opportunity that the current market climate is offering: low cost properties in the preferred western European country. This is a sample of a low budget property investment in Spain
After 4 years of falling property prices, the market is getting closer to reach rock bottom and in some areas of main cities the prices are already in their lowest ever plateau. So it is our understanding that this is your time. 10 years ago many overseas investors and buyers did not even dare to touch the market given the high prices. Now the market is your market, whatever your budget may be.
You can buy an apartment from just 20,000 GBP, to use as an investment or holiday home. This is the right time to search and buy in Spain. These are reasons why Spain never fails for the right property investment
Now you can get the lowest possible prices and have some room for negotiation in a win/win deal. Also, given that the rental market is booming in the cities, you have the option to buy cheap and start renting the property from the first month in order to generate rental income and profit from the very beginning.
Real cases of fallen property prices are as follows:

  • An studio apartment in Madrid that was €190k is now €135k
  • A villa in Murcia worth €350k is now €190k
  • A three bedroom flat that was €150k in Valencia city is now €75k
  • A two bedroom flat was €135k and now €68k
  • An apartment in Torrevieja was €70k and now €27k
    Monthly Rental Income examples:

  • In Valencia city center, for an apartment that you buy for 55,000, you can rent for 400 euros per month
  • In Valencia, for an apartment worth 45,000, you can rent for 360 euros
  • In Fuengirola, we had an attic for 110,000 euros and it can be rented in the high season for 1,000 euros per week.
    Whatever you want to do in Spain, you have to be aware that as an investment you need to buy in the right location (some examples are main cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona) with permanent rental demand. Yes, you can get a mortgage. Also, we will negotiate the purchase price on your behalf so that you find yourself in a win/win situation.
    The Spanish property market is not about making huge money straight now… it is about doing a clever investment at the right time in a very attractive destination.
    If you want to buy or invest in property in Spain, just contact us.

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