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Are you looking for a property in Santander?

By Tim Greenwood (Uk home buyer planning to move to Santander)

If you are looking to make a buy in Spain, you have to keep in mind the economy is going south for Spain as it is for the rest of the world. Property for sale in Santander can be difficult to locate. You should think about enlisting a real estate agent who is more familiar with the property for sale in Santander.

If you are against the idea of a real estate agent, you will need to become very familiar with the Santander area in order to properly put your property up for sale, or to find other property for sale in Santander.

Any property for sale in Santander should be available for viewing over the internet. You can first rent an apartment for self catering Santander to explore the city and have a feel about. With astute searching you can find any of the same properties as a real estate agent.

However, your real estate agent might be better at getting fuller descriptions of the properties you are interested in order to better aid you in making a more informed decision about the properties you are in line to acquire. Many real estate agents will have a virtual tour available for properties you are interested in.

You should use the information you get from your real estate agent or the internet to make your decisions on which properties to see. Your real estate agent will make sure the properties meet your requirements or at least meets enough of your requirements that you are willing to purchase and add on to the property.

An attorney will be required for the legal documents involved with the transaction so it’s a good idea to acquire the services of an attorney early on in the sales process. The attorney will guide you through any bumps that may arise in the road to you acquiring property for sale in Santander.

As far as cost goes, the cost of property for sale in Santander has been steadily declining over the past few years. While this is good for you as a purchaser, you also have to consider that many other costs will still apply. There is the IVA which is a Spanish tax. There will also be costs for your attorney. The real estate agent will be given a certain percentage due to the commission of the property, but this will not be your cost unless you are the one with property for sale.

Additional costs that might be included are whether you intend to be a part of a community with a centralized facility. The community fees will accumulate with move in as well as the maintenance of community gardens, the upkeep of the swimming pools and the buildings, also keep in mind property insurance.  Your attorney should be apprised of these monetary situations.

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