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Living in Madrid expats’ guide

This guide is not only about apartments for sale in Madrid or property in madrid generally speaking. This is about information when staying and living in Madrid and practical aspects about tax system, Spanish, media, etc… The guide is called “Living in Madrid -The expats’ handbook” and despite the fact it is the 2011 it still good enough for Madrid 2012.

We have found it, we like it and we thought it would be a good idea to share it. We are not sure when the 2012 edition will be released but it should be nearly the same. We will let you know.

We enjoy quite a lot Madrid when we visit the city either for business or leisure. The guide starts with a Thousands of people from all over the world have experienced that Madrid is an attractive, friendly and welcoming city and thus have chosen to work and live here, either temporarily or permanently.

Over the last two decades, the influx of people from 172 different countries and the warm welcome they have received from Madrid’s residents have made the city a truly cosmopolitan place, open to new cultures, and a perfect setting for letting talent flourish and enjoying life.

Download the guide

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