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Is Spanish property living a second boom?

By Nigel Stiles (property writer)

Spanish property investments could be recommended at this moment. As with the rest of the world, Spain is experiencing a recession, meaning that property rates are going down. You will definitely want someone in your corner (an attorney or someone skilled in property investment) to show you the ropes of the investment.

Modern Graces

Spain has a rich history which can be a contributor to the allure many have to the country. There are also many modern graces which make property in Spain attractive. These graces include having a connection to all major European airports, an accelerating standard of living that now unfortunately has been collapsed by the recession. Experienced property investment professionals will be gaining on their Spanish property investments as the values of the property rise with the end of the recession and inevitable upturn of the economy.

I could say that the Spanish property market is just beginning to boom again in certain areas such as Madrid, Barcelona, Balearic Islands and Bilbao. Purchasing property in Spain now is very likely to reward the property investor significantly in the long term. You can even compare property in Spain to many other high end and higher profile foreign property investment areas.

Local buyers, most certainly get to see this investment up close and personally, but sometimes it takes a foreign investor’s third party vision to see it from a purely business standpoint. A great number of entertainment milieus are springing up in Spain. They range from the traditional Spanish taverns, to some restaurants with a more modern feel. Bars and discothèque establishments are also trying to cash in on the potential influx of foreign and domestic money. For the more relaxed patrons, golf courses are beginning to creep into the area playing upon the perpetually beautiful weather in Spain.

The more savvy Spanish property investments are going to be where the entertainment is placed. The idea of a theme park is one that will hopefully draw many more people than a place with only a beach. The best combination might be a beach as a part of a theme park (think Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA). If you can get your property before the boom really gets into the swing, by the time others are ready to purchase the property from you (or if you just want to own property everyone covets) these types of places will be the ones you want to acquire.

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