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Is Spain a corrupted country? What is wrong?

Behind the sunny image of the country of Spain with its lovely beaches, amazing gastronomy and wines, enviable lifestyle, cheap properties and good property investment opportunities, there is a wounded Spain. Of course life goes on so there are still many reasons why it’s easy to break into a smile every day … but people have a feeling of pity inside them: the economic crisis, frustrations with the political system and a wave of top corruption scandals that are digging deeper and deeper in to the morale of ordinary people.

Spain is a country which, for many reasons, has had to put its hand-break on: Spain is trying to find a solution to its political system, keeping the country together and waiting for a miracle to rebuild the economy. Overall, specially in the last weeks, Spaniards are concern about corruption.

These days, the scandals of corruption tarnish not only the Spanish Royal family but the Government and the political party that currently holds the reins of the government, Partido Popular. In fairness, all of the major political parties have corruption issues, including PSOE of course.

Increasing Spain’s pain to the point where it becomes a matter of shame for Spaniards is seeing the PM Mariano Rajoy holding press conferences on the TV screen. As a Spaniard, that in itself is a far larger form of humiliation and disgrace than the corruption issue: the Prime Minister hiding himself.

The relaxed way in which rules are assumed in social circles

The corruption problem in Spain is due to the high levels of Mediterranean culture influencing the rules which are assumed in a very relaxed way. This means that if the limit is 100 … 105 would still be ok. People living in Spain know what I mean.

On that basis – a relaxed assumption of a rule – individuals could start building up from a harmless offense to a crime before you know it. Once you accept your participation in this, it is very difficult to remove yourself from it, especially in organisations such as political parties with close circles which have a strong dose of self-identity.

Another reason for corruption in Spain is evident in universal human nature rather than culture, is that individuals tend to benefit themselves first and not the majority.

The relaxed way in which rules are sometimes assumed in this country is scary if you really think about the consequences. There is nothing to be afraid of, but better to keep your standards and have everything clear according to the rules and the papers.

There are plenty of reasons why you should enjoy Spain now … but do it in your own way.

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