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Holiday lets without permit will face expensive penalties … €30k fine !!!

Apartments run as Holiday lets are facing the risk of expensive fines by the Council Authorities in the many cities of Spain ( Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid_.  Barcelona city council is fining illegal holiday rentals in AirBandB up to 30 thousand Euros, something which could also happen in Valencia. The domino effects will come soon to Valencia.

For more than 9 months now, The Spanish Brick has been advising property investors in Valencia against promoting this type of rentals without proper licence in Valencia. More than half of the adverts for flats in Valencia in AirBandB are illegal, according to sources from Valencia city council. New licences in Valencia are limited and very restricted. It is nearly impossible to get a licence. That is why buy to holiday let is difficult. Also it is not a high income generating model generally speaking. Contact The Spanish Brick for more details.

A heavy-handed approach from Barcelona city council against increasing illegal holiday rentals, giving fines up to 60.000 Euros to two giants such as Airbnb and Homeaway, and threatening them with sanctions that could reach up to 600.000 Euros. The city council, commanded by the former activist, Ada Colau, also ordered the closing down of up to 256 households in July, coinciding with the peak of holiday rentals in the Catalan capital. High numbers which were achieved by a team of researchers who are dedicated to verify the existence of this type of households by searching the web and talking on platforms, neighbours and tourists.

It has been demonstrated that this tool is both swift and efficient", affirmed the Deputy Mayor in charge of urbanism, Janet Sanz. Concretely, this new team of researchers detected 234 illegal flats within a month, they have also sanctioned them with 30.000 Euros all while asking them to stop their activities.



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