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Fuengirola, a reference in Costa del Sol with great properties

One of the areas along the Costa del Sol that is appropriately named is Fuengirola. With its beaches of fine sand, lovely views, tranquility, attractions, and harmonious mix of local and foreign residents, Fuengirola is a place of reference on the Costa del Sol with excellent apartments for rent and sale in Fuengirola
Fuengirola is located along a thin coastline that is 8 kilometres long, on which some of the best beaches of the Costa del Sol are located, like Los Boliches, Fuengirola, La Campana, Torre Blanca, Carvajal, and Las Gaviotas. All of them are beautiful sandy beaches that find themselves surrounded by a gorgeous seaside promenade and their blue flags, their distinctive quality. In addition, Fuengirola has the advantage of easy access to the train service from Malaga and to the airport.
It is near everything, including the city of Malaga, the enchanting village of Mijas, Marbella, and the Strait of Gibraltar. There is a wide range of services and infrastructure, including golf courses, equestrian centres, recreational parks, hotel complexes and restaurants.
The highlights also include aquatic sports, since the sandy areas offer the beautiful marine backgrounds which make scuba diving an attractive option. The marina, located next to the fishing port, offers a few modern facilities which allow navigation activities as well as other nautical sports, like sailing or scuba diving.
Lastly, you can practice outdoor sports in the interior regions of the province, like hiking, as well as going horseback riding or biking, without forgetting the important cultural aspects: the cultures of the Phoenicians, the Romans, and the Arabs leave their mark in every one of the city monuments, like the hot springs (like those of Torre Blanca (White Tower), a Roman archeological site discovered in 1991) and Roman towns or the Sohail Arabic castle. But there is no doubt that the beaches are one of the main attractions of this locale.
So, we can also highlight Torre Blanca/Carvajal. Both of them form one entity. That which is referred to as the area of Torre Blanca, situated on the top of a hill, provides spectacular views from the majority of its residences, including the majority of the excellent villages that there are there. In addition, it has a train station.
The Carvajal beach (with less of an influx of tourism) offers countryside and splendid views, and is a favorite among young people, who make this area very lively.
Lastly, we will highlight the Los Boliches beach, whose cultural infrastructures convert it into an attraction centre 12 months a year. Everything seems more peaceful and pleasant than in the centre, which makes this area more and more attractive, and its neighborhoods are a perfect testament to the marine past that it had not very long ago. Here you will find everything that you need: restaurants, coffee shops, markets, doctor’s offices, and much more.
Without a doubt, it is an area where one can live while enjoying all of the advantages that a coastal region as beautiful as Fuengirola can offer, with all imaginable services and accommodations as well as access and communication facilities.

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