Rent Prices in Valencia and Spanish cities seem unstoppable

The splendour of the letting market is becoming very noticeable, specially on the prices. They have definitely accelerated inValencia, Madrid and Barcelona. In Valencia, according to sources from the investment fund Balackstone, in a meeting with The Spanish Brick, the rental income has increased by 12% in 2016. Looking good in 2017 The market situation is as follow: need of housing but shortag

New push to the Nazaret district: A sports area and a 21.75-acres park, the first River Park and a larger cyclist conections

Nazaret is the new hot property market in Valencia city. Not opnly it has a good location but new projects from the government has putt he área in the map of investment opportunities in Spain. The City Council of Valencia and the Port Authorities of Valencia (PAV) have come to an agreement, which states that the port precinct will cede a plot of land located in the neighbourhood of Nazaret fo

Holiday lets without permit will face expensive penalties … €30k fine !!!

Apartments run as Holiday lets are facing the risk of expensive fines by the Council Authorities in the many cities of Spain ( Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid_.  Barcelona city council is fining illegal holiday rentals in AirBandB up to 30 thousand Euros, something which could also happen in Valencia. The domino effects will come soon to Valencia. For more than 9 months now, The Spanish Brick h

Cabanyal district, a trap for British investors and holiday home buyers in Valencia

El Cabanyal is a hot-spot valencia property market now and it seems that prices have started to rise. The Valencia newspaper Levante-EMV published last week that overseas buyers and investors are buying more than 50% of the properties for sale in the district El Cabanyal in Valencia. This rather shocking news could be good news, but most likely isn't... Potentially many overseas buyers and invest

The origin of Valencia’s district names

The city’s 87 neighbourhoods and parishes are administratively divided into 19 districts. The city of Valencia is administratively divided into 19 districts, which are in turn made up of 87 neighbourhoods and parishes. Each one of the districts has an associated origin story. The name of each district gives a good indication of the story. Ciutat Vella of Valencia , for example, owes its ti

Real estate investment in Valencia becomes profitable again

The profitability of Valencia property investment in the residential rental market began to grow again in 2015 (5.2%). Searching properly, working with good property investment support in Valencia and doing the right strategy can deliver rental yields of 8%, 9% and even above 10% in Valencia city at really affordable costs. But as an average, overseas investors could get just a 5.2%, as the bel

Valencia Property Investment tips for those looking for yield

If you want to invest in property and are thinking about investing in Spain, the best places, from our understanding, are the cities of Valencia and Madrid. In this article, we'll focus on Valencia, which is our main market. First of all, it is important to understand that rental yields in Spain are much more moderate than other overseas markets which are good to invest in. Spaniards conside

The sale of homes in Valencia rises by 30% in Q1/2014

The region of Valencia has experienced the best start to the year since 2010, after having a total of 11,659 transactions between January and March. Property Investment in Valencia is picking up in 2014 and 2015 seems to be a key year for buyers and investors. The housing market, in the Region of Valencia and in all of Spain, continues showing signs of recovery.  In the region, according to th

How to be smart when buying a property in Valencia

Sometimes the customs and habits of the Spanish property market are surprising when compared not only with other countries but also within Spain itself. Obviously, real estate agents have to make a profit from the purchase in order to get paid for their services.  In most of Spain, the agents tend to charge a commission to the seller, which varies according to the price of the property and the

Valencia – the perfect combination of beach and countryside

By Morag Peers (travel writer) When looking at places where to buy an apartment by the coast one of the very best places to consider is the coastal town of Valencia. Spain’s third largest city has a lot to offer and should be top of the list when looking for a great place for a holiday. Getting There Getting to Valencia in Spain from the UK is very easy. The most cost-effective route is