Is Spain a real land of opportunities for UK and Overseas buyers?

Nowadays, to be able to buy a property below €100k, €70k or even €50k in Spain sounds like a dream compared the mid 2000’s when the prices were at their peak. In this article that you have started reading, we want to give four examples and cases in order to explain why what is Spanish online property is not always such a bargain but rather what nobody able to buy wants in Spain. Overseas b

The case of the €5k commission for the agent and the “skint” seller

  Now we are going to think seriously about prices, buyers and investors when a bargain comes across.  Investors with a minimum of experience are looking for bargains and understand where the market is now, the main actors and what can be achieved.  It is all about numbers of course. Buying a property bargain in Spain occasionally involves putting yourself in the shoes of an investor,

Dealing with distressed sellers (II) … and a note about Bargain Killers

Just a few weeks ago a Spanish distressed seller contacted us in order to sell a good 3 bedroom property, an apartment, in Valencia city: newly renovated, with lovely transport links (underground and bus), on a fourth floor with views and a lift, fully furnished, and just 5 minutes walking to the old Turia’s riverbed gardens that cross the city. The asking price was €95K.  The selling pric

Is Spain a corrupted country? What is wrong?

Behind the sunny image of the country of Spain with its lovely beaches, amazing gastronomy and wines, enviable lifestyle, cheap properties and good property investment opportunities, there is a wounded Spain. Of course life goes on so there are still many reasons why it’s easy to break into a smile every day … but people have a feeling of pity inside them: the economic crisis, frustrations wit