Foreigners are now buying one out of every five properties sold in Spain

The property market continues to recover, primarily thanks to foreign investors.  2015 would be boomed in Spanish Property transactions thanks to overseas buyers. Foreigners are now responsible for one out of every five Spanish property purchases.  According to information provided by the General Council of Notaries, foreign investors are contributing to the recovery of the Spanish property mark

Purchase of flats rose by 2.7% in 2012 after an upturn of 34% in December

  The buying and selling of housing recovered by some 33.7% in the last month of 2012. The reason for this was the anticipated removal of the tax-deductible from regular housing and the increase of VAT from 4% to 10% on new buildings from 1st January, which allowed for the 2.7% growth in transactions to 366,225 properties for the whole year, according to Notarial Statistics.   Despite

New Move in Spanish Rentals: The Public Society of Renting Disappears

  The Public Society of Renting (SPA), a public agency funded and financed by the previous Spanish government, has been definitively closed by the new government due to the economic losses that are involved.  It was created with a budget of €20 million and it closes with a deficit of €37 million.   The objective of the SPA was to mediate between supply and demand of rentals in

The Spanish property market gets more aggressive

Spanish Banks have started the race of selling repossessed houses and flats by offering large price discounts and also by decreasing lending to buyers coming from State Agents. Banesto, La Caixa, CAM and Caja Madrid have launched aggressive marketing campaigns to attract home buyers in order to reduce their stock. Like in a high street after Christmas, buyers have now 50% off marketing campaign

Renting the Whole Flat or Renting Bedrooms in Spain

Buying to let is a good way to start paying for your property. If you are planning to rent your flat in Spain, the most common way is to rent the whole property. The other rental option is to rent bedrooms. This option is not as common as it is in London but it is becoming popular since the recession makes it unaffordable to rent a whole property. The Spanish Brick encourages owners to get l

12 Tips for Spanish Rentals

    In Spain, renting property is unfortunately not as flexible and popular as it is in the UK. However, it is picking up, and it will be useful to have some basic advice if you are renting your property to tenants or if you are a tenant who wants to rent a bedroom or a property in Spain.   Advice for landlords and owners   MAKE THE PLACE READY- Make your place as