Two restraints for the Spanish property prices to rise ‘only’ up to 5% in 2017

 It is a fact that the Spanish Property market is on a recovery phase. Housing demand keeps raising, financial banking is becoming cheaper, the price of land has started to rise and investing on the construction industry is a good alternative to interest rates of 0%. In this situation, Bankinter estimates that housing will increase in value, but ‘only’ up to 5% this year and the next one, due

Madrid property prices rise by 3.5% in Q2/2015

Eleven Regions in Spain recorded year-on-year free market price growth during the second trimester of 2015, with the Canary Islands (4,1 %); Madrid (3,5 %) and Aragon (3,5 %) standing out by having enjoyed the greatest increases. There are expectations of Spanish property growth in price during 2016, as an average The average price of private housing grew by 1.2% in all communities in the secon

Property prices went down by 3% in 2014

The price of finished housing (both new and used) accumulated a decline of 3% between December 2013 and December 2014, according to Tinsa’s General and Great Markets IMIE index. The fall is far lower than the one registered during the period of 2013, when average housing in Spain became a 9.2% cheaper. This is another piece of information that reveals that the real estate market is settling.

S&P foresees a 2% rise in the price of housing in Spain in 2016

The agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) estimates that the price of housing in Spain will rise by 2% in 2016. The firm highlights that the collapse of the house prices in the country could reach its lowest point next year in light of the improvement of the economic conditions and the growing interest of foreign investors in the Spanish real estate sector.   Although the risk agency adds

Second-hand homes start the year off with a fall of 0.4%, but rise in Madrid

The price of the second-hand home in Spain has started the year off by experiencing a fall of 0.4% during the month of January. With this drop, prices are now situated at 1,726 euros/m2, according to the latest housing price index from, the leading property portal in Spain.  If we look at figures from January 2013 (1,848 euros/m2), the drop between this year and last is 6.6%. Aut

The average housing price could have had its first rise in 5 years

According to facts from the College of Property Registrars, which calculates the price of homes according to the index obtained from sold homes in the same area of influence home prices could be experiencing their first rise in 5 years. So, in the third trimester of this year, houses returned to dropping their prices another 5.35%, which means that in aggregate terms, a depreciation of 31.07% h

Average Home Prices fell 10% in April 2013

Homes that were appraised in April have lost value by, on average, 10%, in comparison with April last year, a fall very similar to that of last month (10.7%). Nothing allows us to think that in the coming months they are going to be worth more. On the contrary.  According to the monthly index from the appraiser Tinsa, which evaluates the highest volume in Spain, certifies this.  From its heig

Home sales have hit their lowest levels historically

54,512.  The number speaks for itself. It reflects the scarce number of home sales closed during the first trimester of 2013, according to the Ministry of Public Works' Statistics on Housing Transactions, based on signatures given before a notary.  Never before in this official time period-which started in 2004-has the housing market fallen so low.  A collapse that could have been even worse if

Spain suffers the biggest fall in house prices in Europe

  In the third trimester of 2012, the cost of housing in Spain recorded a year-on-year fall of 15.2%, which represents the largest fall amongst all the European Union member countries: these countries also experienced an average decline of 1.9% respectively for the same period in 2011, according to Eurostat data, which has for the first time, published homogenous data regarding the progress

Homes today are worth 11.3% less than a year ago and 25% less than 3 years ago

Homes today are worth 11.3% less than a year ago and 25% less than 3 years ago. The valuations of homes that were made in the last month of the year testified to this. Tinsa, the top appraiser of the country in number of valuations, confirms the roller coaster ride that the price of flats, the main assets of Spanish families, is being thrown into at length in their latest monthly report of 2012.

Spanish New Build Property Prices Dropped By 6.9% In 2012, 33.5% Since 2007

The average price for new housing in the capitals of province has gone down a 6,9% in 2012, situating itself in 2,212 Euros per square metre, so an average flat of 90 square metres would have a price of 199.100 euros at the present moment, according to a report by the Property Valuation Society.   Since the value of new housing reached its highest point, in 2007, their price accumulates an

Prices have dropped by 15.2% in Q3/2012 and will keep falling in 2013

These are some comments about the latest relevant figures that predict further property prices fall for 2013 and 2014. Prices will probably not recover until 2017 but in the current climate property bargains are already there. At the same time, expectations on foreign buyers are high.   The national market is ill and sales are still low: There is a need of properties in Spain but not the co

Increase of sales in Spain and optimism for 2013

The National Institute of Statistics has reported that in Spain, property sales have jumped up for the second straight month. In September, they counted approximately 26,000 sale and purchase agreements. This shows a 1% increase in comparison with September of 2011. This is good news since sales had been down for the past 17 straight months until August, and since the comparison of the two year

Housing prices fall 11.2% in July

  The fall of housing prices drop in the month of July, going back down by 11.2%, opposite the 11.5% that the second quarter closed with, and this totals a descent of 31 since the maximum that was reached in December of 2007, according to the latest Tinsa report on local housing markets.   The majority of the territories followed this descending path, the most notable fall being that

Property prices fall by 11.5% within 12 months.. and still room to get cheaper !!!

  Spanish homes continue getting cheaper at a great pace, statistic after statistic, regardless of the cause. So, according to the last report of the property prices index company Tinsa, the price of the home deepened its drop in the second trimester, going back 11.5% from Q2/2011 to Q2/2012. A percentage higher than that registered in the previous trimester of 9.2% from Q1/2011 to Q1/2012.

The VAT on new houses will be 10% from 2013

Starting on January 1st, 2013, the VAT for new Spanish homes will rise from 10% from the current 4%. This is one of the new measures that the Government has adopted in order to increase revenue. Many basic products will have their VAT raised, as was begun in September 2012, but the Government has decided to keep the 4% VAT for Spanish properties this year, as scheduled.   The VAT is applie

House Prices Fall 30% from 2007 High

We are currently witnessing the sharpest fall in Spanish house prices on record. According to the property prices index of leading Spanish company TINSA, house prices fell by 11.1% in 2012 May compared with 2011 May 2011, one point less than their April fall of 12.5%.   Now that the data for May is in, it’s clear that the fall in house prices since their 2007 high has increased by four te

The fall in Spanish property prices is picking up speed

  The drop in house prices in Spain will tend to pick up speed, the joint estate appraiser, Euroval, reports. (the statement had been released before the Spanish bailout was announced two days ago).   The study said that Spanish banks are managing their portfolios ‘more actively’ and that they have begun to sell adjudicated housing and mortgage loans.  This is expected to have an

Sales Fall by 31.8% (February) and Prices on the Coast by 34.9%

Property sales and property prices keep dropping in Spain. According  to the National Institute of Statistics, the number of sales dropped by 31.8% in February 2012 (30.745 properties were sold) compared with February 2011.   According to the Spanish property index firm TINSA, the average price in the Spanish property market dropped by 11.5% in March 2012 compared with the same m

Property prices rise in the boom by 155%… how much will they fall?

The Spanish property market prices may have dropped low enough in order to encourage investors and home buyers to keep an eye on the Spanish market. However, what is certain is that the price fall is not good enough for several institutions, including the European Commission. A striking statement from the European Commission last  week stated that property prices in Spain rose by 155% during the

Property prices keep dropping… where is the end of the tunnel?

According to the spanish property prices’ index of the leading company TINSA, property prices dropped in August 2011 by 6.8% compared with August 2010. The conclusion of TINSA is that the average drop since 2007 is 23.5%. TINSA states in its report that the average drop in property prices in the big cities is 25.6% since the price-peak of 2007 whereas, on the Mediterranean coast, the fall

Sales increase goes along with property price fall

By David Landford (property writer) According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, property transactions in February 2011 were 10.5% higher than February 2010. The number of transactions in February was 45,607 (50.2% second hand properties plus 49.2% brand new properties). It means than property transactions has increased two months in a row (January and February). This incr

All the financial problems put pressure on prices

In the course of the last two weeks, the national and international economic climate has put additional pressure on the reliability of the Spanish economy and on the need to drop property prices at a faster pace. These are the main points that we want to highlight: The European Central Bank increased the interest rate to 1.25%. The Euribor index is already above the 2% barrier and some experts

Some indicators which show that prices may fall

The last week delivered a few interesting figures and indicators regarding property transactions and property prices in Spain that are certainly helpful if you put them all together. Prices may fall a bit further in 2011, which could reactivate the market. 1. REGARDING PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS IN 2010. The INE (National Institute of Statistics) said that, in 2010, property transactions were made u

Madrid : latest property prices and demographic trends

Demography is one of the driving factors of the property market in order to assess the needs of properties…and to be able to predict the market. In this article, we introduce some figures about demography forecast in Madrid and current prices in the Spanish capital that may help property investors. According to the Regional Statistics Institute in Madrid, the population in residential areas o

Valencia property prices have fallen by 21% in the home owners market

The property market crisis is forcing home owners in valencia spain to bring down the selling prices by 21.6%, according to the chairman of API Valencia (equivalent to Deanery of Real Estates Agents), the newspaper El Mundo published yesterday. Therefore, property prices in Valencia are back to 2004 levels, which could be an excellent opportunity for home buyers who want to take advantage of the c

Accept lower house price or face 15% losses in 2011

The recent warning from the Bank of Spain (BOS) to Spanish Banks, calling for more transparency about their repossessed property stock in order to ease the sector during this crash, is another sign of the tendency in 2011: house price may fall to the bottom to adjust themselves to the reality of the market. Banks have €181 billion of “problematic property assets” – which obviously inclu

Finally the market shows its bargains: 50% off in cities

Banesto is the first Spanish Bank to launch a really positive campaign to sell units in city areas at prices of crisis. Surely there are good bargains and we hope the rest of the Banks will follow the move soon. Banesto has announced to start commercializing today a total of 600 properties in urban areas at half price of the market value. The first lot of properties is a 50 units package at

Prices in Spain will Remain Stable in the next Months

  According to Spanish property experts who were interviewed by the newspaper "abc" last week, property prices in Spain will remain moderated by banks in the last quarter of 2010 and probably in 2011. The reason for this is because Banks are waiting for an improvement in the market. If the economic environment improves, banks will be able to sell at better prices than the current free