This is how the investors’ appetite is

From the recent forum organised by Mergermarket in Madrid, the dimensions of the investors' appetite in the property market: 1- In Europe, the 11 major pension funds allocate in average 11% of their investments in the real estate. 2- If we extrapolate these numbers to the big sovereign wealth and private funds, they would allocate 144 billion Euros in Japan and 84 billion in Norway,”. 3

The Paramount Park Will Improve the Economy in Murcia but Will Become a “Bubble”

  The Paramount theme park will be the only one of its class in Europe and nobody wanted to miss an event in which the first-rate, over ambitious work was revealed and that, according to its developers, is called to relocate to the Murcia region and, more concretely, to Alhama de Murcia, on the map of global tourism.   “We will leave aside the seasonal nature that that sector of the

Spanish Property Auctions: another way to sell in this crisis

  The current Spanish economic crisis has had its positive effects in the market looking for and promoting other ways to sell properties. For instance, we’ve seen the emergence of property auctions offering attractive starting prices.  One good example of these is the round of acquisitions we’ve recently seen in Madrid, which saw starting prices from € 21, 000 for Madrid flats, to be

The Inheritance of Houses is Rocketing and Sales are Sinking: Why?

    The sale of homes in Spain is falling, but donations and inheritances are at their peak.  Opposite the year-to-year fall of 29.1% sales that was registered in the two first months of the year, inheritances and donations of homes have increased by 8.7%.     From January 2012 to February 2012, sales have plummeted to 63,832 units, compared with 89,981 during the same pe

Rise in British Expats: Good News for the Spanish Market

If there is a clear indicator of the aftermath of the economic crisis, it is in the immigration stats. In 2011, more than half a million people (507,000), left the country to find a place with more opportunities for a better life. Only 62,611 were Spaniards, whereas the rest (445,130), were foreigners. Nevertheless, British expats are still increasing their presence in Spain, despite the turmoi

A BIG LESSON to be learnt: why not to buy off plan in Spain

The Association of Property Developers in Madrid (asociación de promotores inmobiliarios de madrid - Asprima) recently informed us that about one fifth of 500,000 houses that need to be built up into new developments still remain as just plans; in many cases, the building work has not even begun, according to the portal Nearly 234 urban sectors in Madrid are affected by leaving mor

Spanish market is desperately fishing for buyers abroad

The collapse of the property market in Spain has left the economy in such deadlock that the main "actors" have, these weeks, been sitting at the same table to agree new solutions to the crisis. Government, developers and banks are drawing a common strategy in an attempt to promote the Spanish property market abroad. UK and German home buyers are in the spotlight. The attitude of the Spanish

Spanish property nightmare: Lessons from British expats

  British communities in Spain that have been a victim of property fraud and planning abuse in the last decade are receiving signs of hope in order to regulate the situation of their house. According to the local newspaper "La Voz de Almeria", local authorities in the Almerian Almanzora Valley are seriously reconsidering an “amnesty” for most of the 11,000 houses that are categorize

The Recesion does not Stop Britons from Searching a Home Abroad

When decision time comes, Spain will always be one of the favourite destinations for Britons who want to emigrate or just want to invest in property. According to research from the property website , the rate of Britons looking for a property abroad was 151% higher in June 2010 than in June 2009. A total of 1,500 Britons were questioned in the research. The favourite destinati