This is how the investors’ appetite is

From the recent forum organised by Mergermarket in Madrid, the dimensions of the investors' appetite in the property market: 1- In Europe, the 11 major pension funds allocate in average 11% of their investments in the real estate. 2- If we extrapolate these numbers to the big sovereign wealth and private funds, they would allocate 144 billion Euros in Japan and 84 billion in Norway,”. 3

The housing sector starts off a year of growth, supported by good economic predictions

According to a research conducted by the Spanish bank BBVA, the growth of home sales in December elevated transactions in 2014 to 364,00, 19% more than the year before.  On the other hand, home prices ended 2014 with the first trimester growth since the start of the crisis at the same time as the start of homes closing the year in the black. That includes the Salamanca district in Madrid property

Foreigners are now buying one out of every five properties sold in Spain

The property market continues to recover, primarily thanks to foreign investors.  2015 would be boomed in Spanish Property transactions thanks to overseas buyers. Foreigners are now responsible for one out of every five Spanish property purchases.  According to information provided by the General Council of Notaries, foreign investors are contributing to the recovery of the Spanish property mark

Mortgages, sales and even the price of housing rises: what is happening in the real estate sector?

What is happening in the real estate sector? Lately it is all encouraging data: in June, mortgages registered the greatest rise in the last eight years, the purchases and sales put an end to 10 months of falls… And in September, an ultimate piece of data: the price of housing is increasing for the first time in six years. Does this mean that the sector has left the crisis behind? This is ind

Notaries suggest that the housing market is stabilizing after a January of growth

The number of housing sales recorded in January showed a year-to-year increase of 59.2% ( 23,368 transactions), while prices recovered 8.9%, according to statistics from the General Council of Notaries, which indicates that a normalization is happening in the housing market after the end of financial incentives for housing purchases at the start of 2013. By property type, sales of flats showed

Spanish Property Market trends in 2014

The year 2013 confirmed the purchasing power of overseas buyers in the Spanish property market, which increased 23% and 25% in Q2/2013 and Q3/2013 compared with the same quarters in 2012.  Also, 2013 prices have continued dropping since 2007, but at a lower pace than in 2012.   These are our 2014 predictions for the Spanish Property market: Prices will keep dropping.  It is definite

Welcome to the best time for buying Spanish property: The last quarter of the year

Let's be honest: Summer is not a good time for viewings or for buying properties,  and it's probably  not the cheapest time of the year either. The heat factor It's true... it is too hot in Spain, and for viewings in Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Andalusia the daily window for enjoying viewings is really small: either in the morning or in the evening.  From 12 AM to 2 PM, it is a really

The Energy Certificate could cost an average €260 per apartment… ?

  The Energy Performance Certificate will be compulsory for Spanish houses starting from the 1st of June 2013. This is a must for home owners and landlords willing to sell or rent their property for a period of at least 4 months.   The cost of the Certificate is a big question mark in Spain at the moment This means, on one hand, an extra cost for home owners and investors. The cost

The gap between buyers and sellers of homes is 42,300 euros

The negotiation margin between buyers and sellers in each transaction is a world apart.  There are many factors involved and currently the urgency for selling and the urgency for wanting to get a good deal is one of them.   Due to the fall of home prices, the distance between spanish property buyers and sellers continues being significant, which is delaying the clearing out of the Spanish

The Paramount Park Will Improve the Economy in Murcia but Will Become a “Bubble”

  The Paramount theme park will be the only one of its class in Europe and nobody wanted to miss an event in which the first-rate, over ambitious work was revealed and that, according to its developers, is called to relocate to the Murcia region and, more concretely, to Alhama de Murcia, on the map of global tourism.   “We will leave aside the seasonal nature that that sector of the

Spanish Property Auctions: another way to sell in this crisis

  The current Spanish economic crisis has had its positive effects in the market looking for and promoting other ways to sell properties. For instance, we’ve seen the emergence of property auctions offering attractive starting prices.  One good example of these is the round of acquisitions we’ve recently seen in Madrid, which saw starting prices from € 21, 000 for Madrid flats, to be

Tips when buying a “bargain” directly from a particular seller

  The price of homes in Spain has lowered around 30% (average) since the housing bubble burst.  They will continue to lower in 2012 and it would be a good idea to follow certain guidelines to get the best possible price if you are a serious buyer.   These are some pieces of advice that will be useful in buying a “bargain” directly from a particular seller. We recommend an agent b

Some Q&A about Spanish Property today

    Is it the right time to buy? Nobody can say 100% whether now is the right time to buy, speculating that property prices have reached the lowest possible level. Many experts have failed to predict this accurately since 2009-10. The fact is, prices have been dropping since 2007 and the average drop on the Spanish coasts is about 34% whereas in the cities, it is around 30%. In add

The Inheritance of Houses is Rocketing and Sales are Sinking: Why?

    The sale of homes in Spain is falling, but donations and inheritances are at their peak.  Opposite the year-to-year fall of 29.1% sales that was registered in the two first months of the year, inheritances and donations of homes have increased by 8.7%.     From January 2012 to February 2012, sales have plummeted to 63,832 units, compared with 89,981 during the same pe

Rise in British Expats: Good News for the Spanish Market

If there is a clear indicator of the aftermath of the economic crisis, it is in the immigration stats. In 2011, more than half a million people (507,000), left the country to find a place with more opportunities for a better life. Only 62,611 were Spaniards, whereas the rest (445,130), were foreigners. Nevertheless, British expats are still increasing their presence in Spain, despite the turmoi

10 facts about the Spanish property market in 2012 !

  The New Year brings a good panorama for property buyers and investors. 2011 has been the year in which property investors and home-buyers have kept a closer eye on property prices in Spain. Better prices; better quality of the new property stock; encouraging rental market; more security to investors; are, in short, some of the key points for investors and home buyers in Spain in 2012. &

New PM To Reduce Tax Pressures For Property Buyers

The new Spanish Prime Minister, the Conservative, Mariano Rajoy has taken the reins of the country in an attempt to straighten up the economy, and in particular, the property market, which is the cornerstone of the economy. The new housing policy which Rajoy wants to enlarge, will be focused on tax relief from property transactions and V.A.T. reductions. Also, Spanish experts have adviced that the

Should I buy or rent a flat in Spain? Guidelines

  This is a question that our clients and registered visitors have asked us over the last few months: should I buy or rent a flat in Spain?   Spain is a great place to live and be visited. The alluring country attracts millions of holiday-makers and new residents from overseas, every year. Whoever decides to make the move to Spain, either permanently or for long periods, has to consid

Is Spanish property living a second boom?

By Nigel Stiles (property writer) Spanish property investments could be recommended at this moment. As with the rest of the world, Spain is experiencing a recession, meaning that property rates are going down. You will definitely want someone in your corner (an attorney or someone skilled in property investment) to show you the ropes of the investment. Modern Graces Spain has a rich hist

Q1/2011: Sales disaster after an interesting property show

We are back in London from the SIMA property show in Madrid, which is the biggest property event in Spain. Putting things together from the show (interviews, meetings, contacts) and having recovered from the excellent time and laughter that we had with real people in Madrid, the reality slaps us in the face. Nobody can say that The Spanish Brick looks at the market with pessimism after our last

Spanish property adjustment -official data from the road show

Whereas the Minister of Public Works, José Blanco, still announcing in his particular road show that the Spanish economy is recovering and his department still convinced that the property stock is around 700,000 units, the experts in Spain work out that the stock may be around 4 million units according to the last report by RR de Acuna & Asociados. Before the road show , Mr Blanco said to

“2011/Q1 has been a disaster in terms of sales”

The president of the Spanish consultancy RR de Acuña, Fernando Rodríguez Acuña, has been interviewed in about the  Spanish property market. It is a good interview with frank and honest answers to understand in brief what has happened and when the property crash will end. There are surprising revelations and controversial points. His point of view about the present market si

A BIG LESSON to be learnt: why not to buy off plan in Spain

The Association of Property Developers in Madrid (asociación de promotores inmobiliarios de madrid - Asprima) recently informed us that about one fifth of 500,000 houses that need to be built up into new developments still remain as just plans; in many cases, the building work has not even begun, according to the portal Nearly 234 urban sectors in Madrid are affected by leaving mor

Raising money against the clock = price drops

"When the perception of reality seems to be worse than reality itself, the best possible reaction is to explain it in the greatest detail", Bank of Spain Governor, Miguel Angel Fernandez, 13th December 2010. The Spanish market is going through a situation in which we presume that bigger price drops will be experienced in the next nine months. Prices will fall furthermore but with moderati

Spanish market is desperately fishing for buyers abroad

The collapse of the property market in Spain has left the economy in such deadlock that the main "actors" have, these weeks, been sitting at the same table to agree new solutions to the crisis. Government, developers and banks are drawing a common strategy in an attempt to promote the Spanish property market abroad. UK and German home buyers are in the spotlight. The attitude of the Spanish

10 likely key facts of the Spanish property market in 2011

The New Year brings a good panorama for property buyers and investors who are keeping an eye on the distressed Spanish property market. Better prices; higher stock; promising margins to negotiate; stronger rental market; the will of authorities to deliver security to foreign investors; are, in short, some of the key points for investors and homebuyers in Spain in 2011 – and maybe in 2012 as well