Luxury property in Madrid prices and sales rise

The luxury apartments market in Madrid prime areas such as Salamanca has gathered momentum compared to the last year, with a 25 per cent increase in the number of transactions and with some prices that normalized after the crisis. Moreover, transactions are becoming shorter and shorter, with periods reduced to between 3 and 6 months. Meanwhile, the districts of Salamanca and Chamberí lead the rec

Madrid, the fourth most attractive European city to buy property

Spain is the country in the south of Europe which has most advanced in its economic recovery, while Madrid has been confirmed as the “fourth best city in continental Europe in which to invest. Madrid property investment is the trend” The ‘Real Estate Market Trends in Europe 2016’ report, produced by PwC and Urban Land Institute, makes it clear that despite changes in local government a

The mayor of Madrid confirms a ‘significant’ drop in property tax in Madrid next year

  As The Spanish Brick announced in March 20015, Manuela Carmena, the mayor of Madrid, has declared ithis month (September 2016) that there will be a "significant" 2016 drop in Madrid Property Tax (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles or IBI) for 2016 but has not yet specified the exact reduction because it is "under study". She added that they can afford to lower this tax after having prepared

Madrid will have absorbed oversupply of housing within 2.5 to 3.5 years

he last real estate yearbook of A & Asociados consultancy reflects that half of all Spanish provinces will take between 6 and 10 years to get through the current oversupply of houses, whether new or second hand properties, at the current pace of home sales. Only Madrid and Navarre can boast of being the provinces where the time needed for stock liquidation is lower: from 2.5 to 3.5 years.

Spanish real estate is more profitable than it was a year ago

  Business premises bring a minimum return of 7,6%, 5,5% for houses and 4.6% for parking spaces Property investment in Spain is more profitable than it was a year ago, according to the report published by idealista corresponding to the second trimester. The real estate profitability doubles, or in the worst case scenario, those which the Government Bonds offers at 10 years (2%).

Are property prices in Madrid rising?

  The Spanish Brick has just had a quick chat on the phone with the most controversial, but reputable, Spanish property gurus. According to the Spanish property expert, Borja Mateo, author of three books about the Spanish property crisis, property prices in Madrid are in a process of stabilisation: “a process that probably started 12 months ago”. Against hard criticism in Spain (

Madrid is a city of interest for UK property buyers

Many people love Spain because of its coastal areas, but Madrid is gaining in popularity recently. The economic crisis really put in the spot the capital of Spain, because pricing in Madrid has dropped by half since 2007.  Living the city life or living in the country are both becoming attractive options to those from the United Kingdom. For information and free advice about Property Investmen

New tax reduction for Madrid property investors from 2016

Great News for Property Investors in Spain. Madrid authorities are still encouraging property investment by reducing tax burdens. According to a website especialised in economy, the IBI (which is what we call in the Uk the Council Tax ), will be reduced an average of 20% from 2016. Also, the Plusvalia Tax, the equivalent to Capital Gains taxable to property vendors, will be reduced by a 27%

The Salamanca district in Madrid, the most expensive place in Spain to rent a home

Living in the heart of the most prestigious area in Madrid property market, where the most well-known fashion firms and some of the most luxurious shops of the city are found, comes with a price. The Madrid district of Salamanca-Goya-Recoletos is the most expensive in the area and in all of Spain.  According to facts analyzed by the housing site, the price of renting in this zone r

Prices, locations, Q&A about Madrid city property market

There is no universal answer to the question as to whether it’s better to buy now or wait because you’ll just end up joining in with a game with many variables.  Disappointed? What is certain is that the Madrid property market, just like that of Valencia and the Catalan and Basque regions, has its own peculiarities. It is not the same to do a property investment or buying in a town as in the

Second-hand flats in Madrid cost 54% less than during the ‘boom’. Interesting data

Second-hand property prices in the city of Madrid have depreciated 54% since the start of the housing crisis, according to a market report from the Madrid property second because of running out of new stock completed by the Tecnocasa index.  This collapse has left the cost of the square metre in the second half of 2012 at 1,818 euros, a lot less than the maximum reached in 2006-more than 3,900 eu

Transactions of Luxury flats in Madrid city centre

  Interest in buying luxurious flats in Madrid, by those from countries such as the USA and some Latin American countries, is an increasing trend.  The centre of Madrid is suffering from a price revision much less strict than other sectors, with the district of Los Jerónimos leading the demand.   The pulse of the luxurious housing market in Madrid is stabilising, reaching the figure

In Madrid, property prices decreased 4.2% during a seven months period (2011-12)

Everyone agrees: home prices are dropping.  But by how much?  And, above all, will they keep falling in Madrid?  TH, or Tasaciones Hipotecarias (Mortgage Appraisals), of BNP Paribas Real Estate, responds to the first question about Madrid Real Estate with an answer of 4.2% according to the last research dated Oct 2011 to April 2012. Nevertheless, prime areas in Madrid are stronger and stable &

On the Hunt for a New Flat in Madrid

There is a property micro-market in Madrid that we can call a “hotspot” of apartments for sale without any doubt: new homes and new housing developments in the center of Madrid. They are very rare, and it is hoped that the lack of available new homes in central Madrid can be satisfied (in part) by second-hand refurbished homes. The new home in central Madrid is a scarce commodity. The devel

Living in Madrid expats’ guide

This guide is not only about apartments for sale in Madrid or property in madrid generally speaking. This is about information when staying and living in Madrid and practical aspects about tax system, Spanish, media, etc... The guide is called "Living in Madrid -The expats' handbook" and despite the fact it is the 2011 it still good enough for Madrid 2012. We have found it, we like it and we th

The Salamanca “Barrio” of Madrid Offers Exclusivity and Good Prices

    The housing market of the Salamanca barrio of Madrid, one of the most exclusive and well-known of the capital, has two faces to it.   One of them is that of the majestic houses.  Many of them are like palaces, of an old mint, needing renovation, which are arguably the wealthiest in the entire world. Look up this interesting list of properties to invest in Madrid: Spanish pr

Lavapies, a traditional borough in Madrid with a solid property market

  If there is an area in the city of Madrid where Brits can get an authentic feeling of what the Spanish capital was like in the early 1900s, it is the borough of Lavapiés. Lavapiés is in the heart of Madrid. The borough, in Madrid’s city centre, is one of the most dynamic urban areas in the country. Since the renovation scheme which began in 1998, a total of 9,600 properties have alre

City of Madrid is running out of new-built stock

The Spanish property consultancy Foro Consultores, has recently released its report with the Madrid property finder about the Madrid housing market in new developments (2007-2011). The main conclusion of their analysis is that new-built property stock in Madrid was reduced by up to 50% between 2007 and 2010. The new-built property stock decreased from 10,000 units to just slightly more than 5,000

Lavapies, a right option for low budget investors?

Spain is becoming a reference for property investors willing to buy affordable properties. To find a property investment at a low price is a must. The option Buy To Let in specific areas is a strong one. The Spanish Brick has analized in this article the potential of an area in Madrid centre: Lavapies. In the heart of Madrid, Lavapies is a cosmopolitan area with plenty of amenities, clubs, rest