2015 is the year in which hundreds of overseas buyers will buy their dream property in Spain. The prices are just right. The momentum is perfect. There are thousands and thousands of properties on the internet, and enough variety to avoid getting too excited, so go for it: This year I am buying my house in Spain!
Finding and buying the right property is hard work which mainly involves, apart from knowledge, a set of specific skills (especially in Spain); interpersonal communication for dealing with people; lots of time to chase opportunities…
There are various ways to buy a property in Spain. Unfortunately, there are still buyers that choose the painful way.
Contact us to learn how we can help you to buy a property in Spain, safely and smoothly.

The painful way

The painful, risky, and expensive way of trying to do everything by yourself in another country involves the following: spending long hours searching online on dozens of websites; phone calls (knowing the language is an advantage); sending emails that aren’t responded to; confusing prices; untrustworthy agents; poor communication; a few trips to Spain (at least 2 or 3); dealing with several people at the same time; and the risk of being caught up in a dodgy deal.

It is possible that you will end up missing the right property for you and buying something that is just okay.

Whether you are an expert on properties or not, each transaction and each process is different from the previous one. That’s the truth.

The search cost breakdown

How expensive can it be to do all the hard work from scratch? Let’s start adding the costs up:

1- Phone calls to Spain… If you speak some Spanish (you should if you want to manage the process) your bill could be anywhere from £30 to £90 calling agents and vendors.

2- Hours and days searching online. Do you earn £10 to £15 per hour at work? You could easily end up spending 60 hours on the internet searching if you do not want to miss out on any options.

3- Flights to Spain. Every time you go it can cost £250 round-trip. Are you a couple?  Then count on £500 each time.

4- Accommodations: Each time you go, €100 per night. 3-4 nights: €400 each trip.

5- Transportation: Either public transport or cabs (taxis) will cost you around £50 each trip

6- Insecurities about the agent you will end up with: You may deal with 5-6 agents at the same time. Surely at least 1 is “dodgy”. At least 2 are not professionals. Do you want to assume the risk?

7- Agents’ Fee: In Valencia you will be charged between 3% and 3.5%. In Madrid there are agents already charging 3% to the buyer.

8- Lawyer’s bill: If you hire a lawyer too early, it will cost you thousands of pounds… surely. Hiring a lawyer at the right time, only when you are advised to do so, could save you at least £2k in legal fees.

The minimum costs, if you only go once and buy straight away would be at least €3.3k + 3% agent’s commission on the property price

To those costs, you can also add an in-calculable cost: the hazard, sleepless nights, and the insecurity and risk of getting the wrong property.

Get Professional and Committed Support

If you really want to buy your property in 2015 with guaranteed success, you can count on the professional support of a team that personally commits to your dream and your case.
We guarantee you:

–         Dedicated service

–         Money and time saved

–         No risking your down payment on any dodgy properties or deals

–         Great tools for following along with the process and viewing the short list

–         Guided viewings with us leading the way

–         Basic due diligence accomplished

–         Post-sale services to get your property ready to move into.

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