Rent Prices in Valencia and Spanish cities seem unstoppable

The splendour of the letting market is becoming very noticeable, specially on the prices. They have definitely accelerated inValencia, Madrid and Barcelona. In Valencia, according to sources from the investment fund Balackstone, in a meeting with The Spanish Brick, the rental income has increased by 12% in 2016. Looking good in 2017 The market situation is as follow: need of housing but shortag

New push to the Nazaret district: A sports area and a 21.75-acres park, the first River Park and a larger cyclist conections

Nazaret is the new hot property market in Valencia city. Not opnly it has a good location but new projects from the government has putt he área in the map of investment opportunities in Spain. The City Council of Valencia and the Port Authorities of Valencia (PAV) have come to an agreement, which states that the port precinct will cede a plot of land located in the neighbourhood of Nazaret fo

Two restraints for the Spanish property prices to rise ‘only’ up to 5% in 2017

 It is a fact that the Spanish Property market is on a recovery phase. Housing demand keeps raising, financial banking is becoming cheaper, the price of land has started to rise and investing on the construction industry is a good alternative to interest rates of 0%. In this situation, Bankinter estimates that housing will increase in value, but ‘only’ up to 5% this year and the next one, due

Holiday lets without permit will face expensive penalties … €30k fine !!!

Apartments run as Holiday lets are facing the risk of expensive fines by the Council Authorities in the many cities of Spain ( Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid_.  Barcelona city council is fining illegal holiday rentals in AirBandB up to 30 thousand Euros, something which could also happen in Valencia. The domino effects will come soon to Valencia. For more than 9 months now, The Spanish Brick h

Cabanyal district, a trap for British investors and holiday home buyers in Valencia

El Cabanyal is a hot-spot valencia property market now and it seems that prices have started to rise. The Valencia newspaper Levante-EMV published last week that overseas buyers and investors are buying more than 50% of the properties for sale in the district El Cabanyal in Valencia. This rather shocking news could be good news, but most likely isn't... Potentially many overseas buyers and invest

The origin of Valencia’s district names

The city’s 87 neighbourhoods and parishes are administratively divided into 19 districts. The city of Valencia is administratively divided into 19 districts, which are in turn made up of 87 neighbourhoods and parishes. Each one of the districts has an associated origin story. The name of each district gives a good indication of the story. Ciutat Vella of Valencia , for example, owes its ti

Luxury property in Madrid prices and sales rise

The luxury apartments market in Madrid prime areas such as Salamanca has gathered momentum compared to the last year, with a 25 per cent increase in the number of transactions and with some prices that normalized after the crisis. Moreover, transactions are becoming shorter and shorter, with periods reduced to between 3 and 6 months. Meanwhile, the districts of Salamanca and Chamberí lead the rec

The current state of Spain’s housing stock summarised

The surplus of unsold new properties in Spain reached 389,000 units, according to a report from Tinsa ( property evaluation company ) , a figure that will require two and a half years for the stock to be absorbed. This means that the date of reference is the first half of 2008 and that the demand will be for around 150,000 new houses a year. Their statistics indicate that the current stock of h

Madrid, the fourth most attractive European city to buy property

Spain is the country in the south of Europe which has most advanced in its economic recovery, while Madrid has been confirmed as the “fourth best city in continental Europe in which to invest. Madrid property investment is the trend” The ‘Real Estate Market Trends in Europe 2016’ report, produced by PwC and Urban Land Institute, makes it clear that despite changes in local government a

Real estate investment in Valencia becomes profitable again

The profitability of Valencia property investment in the residential rental market began to grow again in 2015 (5.2%). Searching properly, working with good property investment support in Valencia and doing the right strategy can deliver rental yields of 8%, 9% and even above 10% in Valencia city at really affordable costs. But as an average, overseas investors could get just a 5.2%, as the bel

The mayor of Madrid confirms a ‘significant’ drop in property tax in Madrid next year

  As The Spanish Brick announced in March 20015, Manuela Carmena, the mayor of Madrid, has declared ithis month (September 2016) that there will be a "significant" 2016 drop in Madrid Property Tax (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles or IBI) for 2016 but has not yet specified the exact reduction because it is "under study". She added that they can afford to lower this tax after having prepared

Madrid will have absorbed oversupply of housing within 2.5 to 3.5 years

he last real estate yearbook of A & Asociados consultancy reflects that half of all Spanish provinces will take between 6 and 10 years to get through the current oversupply of houses, whether new or second hand properties, at the current pace of home sales. Only Madrid and Navarre can boast of being the provinces where the time needed for stock liquidation is lower: from 2.5 to 3.5 years.

Madrid property prices rise by 3.5% in Q2/2015

Eleven Regions in Spain recorded year-on-year free market price growth during the second trimester of 2015, with the Canary Islands (4,1 %); Madrid (3,5 %) and Aragon (3,5 %) standing out by having enjoyed the greatest increases. There are expectations of Spanish property growth in price during 2016, as an average The average price of private housing grew by 1.2% in all communities in the secon

Valencia Property Investment tips for those looking for yield

If you want to invest in property and are thinking about investing in Spain, the best places, from our understanding, are the cities of Valencia and Madrid. In this article, we'll focus on Valencia, which is our main market. First of all, it is important to understand that rental yields in Spain are much more moderate than other overseas markets which are good to invest in. Spaniards conside

This is how the investors’ appetite is

From the recent forum organised by Mergermarket in Madrid, the dimensions of the investors' appetite in the property market: 1- In Europe, the 11 major pension funds allocate in average 11% of their investments in the real estate. 2- If we extrapolate these numbers to the big sovereign wealth and private funds, they would allocate 144 billion Euros in Japan and 84 billion in Norway,”. 3

2015 Property Investment demand in Spain is ten times higher than offer

In 2011 the Spanish position in the international market was nearly desperate: nothing with a Spanish surname interested investors from London. Currently, and quite the opposite, candidates are multiplying, specially in the Spanish Real Estate Investment industry. Not even the political uncertainty casts a long shadow. "Although it can slow down investment decisions, a large aircraft carrier

Spanish real estate is more profitable than it was a year ago

  Business premises bring a minimum return of 7,6%, 5,5% for houses and 4.6% for parking spaces Property investment in Spain is more profitable than it was a year ago, according to the report published by idealista corresponding to the second trimester. The real estate profitability doubles, or in the worst case scenario, those which the Government Bonds offers at 10 years (2%).

Are property prices in Madrid rising?

  The Spanish Brick has just had a quick chat on the phone with the most controversial, but reputable, Spanish property gurus. According to the Spanish property expert, Borja Mateo, author of three books about the Spanish property crisis, property prices in Madrid are in a process of stabilisation: “a process that probably started 12 months ago”. Against hard criticism in Spain (

Madrid is a city of interest for UK property buyers

Many people love Spain because of its coastal areas, but Madrid is gaining in popularity recently. The economic crisis really put in the spot the capital of Spain, because pricing in Madrid has dropped by half since 2007.  Living the city life or living in the country are both becoming attractive options to those from the United Kingdom. For information and free advice about Property Investmen

Beach vacation rentals: How much can you earn renting a beachfront apartment in August?

The rental market on the coast, called either vacation homes or touristic homes, is flexing its strength recently, spurred by, above all, Internet portals.  According to a report from the consulting firm Ernst & Young, Spanish residences destined for this type of rental have the capacity for a total of 2.7 million rentals, with beach cities among the biggest epicenters.  This rising force ha

The Market is Taking Off in 2015

The latest statistics that the National Institute of Statistics has published make it clear that the recuperation of housing activity has picked up speed in 2015.  In the first three months of the year, investment in assets has seen the greatest increase since 2006, while the wealth generated by the sector has seen its best quarter in 14 years.  In terms of employment, we also have good news: we

New tax reduction for Madrid property investors from 2016

Great News for Property Investors in Spain. Madrid authorities are still encouraging property investment by reducing tax burdens. According to a website especialised in economy, the IBI (which is what we call in the Uk the Council Tax ), will be reduced an average of 20% from 2016. Also, the Plusvalia Tax, the equivalent to Capital Gains taxable to property vendors, will be reduced by a 27%

The housing sector starts off a year of growth, supported by good economic predictions

According to a research conducted by the Spanish bank BBVA, the growth of home sales in December elevated transactions in 2014 to 364,00, 19% more than the year before.  On the other hand, home prices ended 2014 with the first trimester growth since the start of the crisis at the same time as the start of homes closing the year in the black. That includes the Salamanca district in Madrid property

2015 is expected to be a good year for Properties in Spain

The real estate sector in general – and in particular the housing market – faces 2015 with optimism.  It has left behind a hopeful 2014 where, besides coming back to warm green numbers in many aspects, it has settled the bases for a new cycle. A new period, above all, for potential house buyers. According to the experts, 2015 – apart from being expected to secure the launch of the real e

Property prices went down by 3% in 2014

The price of finished housing (both new and used) accumulated a decline of 3% between December 2013 and December 2014, according to Tinsa’s General and Great Markets IMIE index. The fall is far lower than the one registered during the period of 2013, when average housing in Spain became a 9.2% cheaper. This is another piece of information that reveals that the real estate market is settling.

Undeclared employment and the under-the-table economy in Spain represent 18.6% of the GDP

Undeclared employment and the under-the-table economy in Spain represent 18.6% of the GDP, which makes up more than 1.9 billion euros, according to a report on job flexibility in 2014 completed by Randstad, a job placement agency. The study, presented today, indicates that more than 1.8 billion unemployed people from countries in the OECD have some type of undeclared work, that is, 60% of the t

Foreigners are now buying one out of every five properties sold in Spain

The property market continues to recover, primarily thanks to foreign investors.  2015 would be boomed in Spanish Property transactions thanks to overseas buyers. Foreigners are now responsible for one out of every five Spanish property purchases.  According to information provided by the General Council of Notaries, foreign investors are contributing to the recovery of the Spanish property mark

What’s trending with the housing market in Spain? From 2007 to 2015

Some of the smaller markets in Spain saw sales increases in the summer of 2014 (up 8.8 percent from 2013) and an increase in the number of mortgages being given and taken (up 19 percent).  Even prices rose slightly, up 1 percent after six years worth of drops.  Could this mean recovery? Well, we will just have to wait for the next two or three quarters to see if things keep coming back. Wh

Mortgages, sales and even the price of housing rises: what is happening in the real estate sector?

What is happening in the real estate sector? Lately it is all encouraging data: in June, mortgages registered the greatest rise in the last eight years, the purchases and sales put an end to 10 months of falls… And in September, an ultimate piece of data: the price of housing is increasing for the first time in six years. Does this mean that the sector has left the crisis behind? This is ind

S&P foresees a 2% rise in the price of housing in Spain in 2016

The agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) estimates that the price of housing in Spain will rise by 2% in 2016. The firm highlights that the collapse of the house prices in the country could reach its lowest point next year in light of the improvement of the economic conditions and the growing interest of foreign investors in the Spanish real estate sector.   Although the risk agency adds