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Average Home Prices fell 10% in April 2013

Homes that were appraised in April have lost value by, on average, 10%, in comparison with April last year, a fall very similar to that of last month (10.7%). Nothing allows us to think that in the coming months they are going to be worth more.

On the contrary.  According to the monthly index from the appraiser Tinsa, which evaluates the highest volume in Spain, certifies this.  From its height around December of 2008, the home has depreciated 37.2% already.  The depreciation of flats advances disproportionately.  In April, the appraiser advertises that metropolitan areas and the Mediterranean Coast suffered the largest falls.

The Balearic and Canary Islands experienced a slight increase of 3.3%, a fact that, depending on the  number of appraisals completed in the area, Tinsa interprets as “a provisional stabilization.”

The accumulated variation, since the value of homes reached their highest point in December of 2007, advanced toward being situated at 37.2%.

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