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Are property prices in Madrid rising?

  The Spanish Brick has just had a quick chat on the phone with the most controversial, but reputable, Spanish property gurus. According to the Spanish property expert, Borja Mateo, author of three books about the Spanish property crisis, property prices in Madrid are in a process of stabilisation: “a process that probably started 12 months ago”. Against hard criticism in Spain (

Madrid is a city of interest for UK property buyers

Many people love Spain because of its coastal areas, but Madrid is gaining in popularity recently. The economic crisis really put in the spot the capital of Spain, because pricing in Madrid has dropped by half since 2007.  Living the city life or living in the country are both becoming attractive options to those from the United Kingdom. For information and free advice about Property Investmen

Beach vacation rentals: How much can you earn renting a beachfront apartment in August?

The rental market on the coast, called either vacation homes or touristic homes, is flexing its strength recently, spurred by, above all, Internet portals.  According to a report from the consulting firm Ernst & Young, Spanish residences destined for this type of rental have the capacity for a total of 2.7 million rentals, with beach cities among the biggest epicenters.  This rising force ha