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Spanish Property Market trends in 2014

The year 2013 confirmed the purchasing power of overseas buyers in the Spanish property market, which increased 23% and 25% in Q2/2013 and Q3/2013 compared with the same quarters in 2012.  Also, 2013 prices have continued dropping since 2007, but at a lower pace than in 2012.   These are our 2014 predictions for the Spanish Property market: Prices will keep dropping.  It is definite

The Salamanca district in Madrid, the most expensive place in Spain to rent a home

Living in the heart of the most prestigious area in Madrid property market, where the most well-known fashion firms and some of the most luxurious shops of the city are found, comes with a price. The Madrid district of Salamanca-Goya-Recoletos is the most expensive in the area and in all of Spain.  According to facts analyzed by the housing site, the price of renting in this zone r

The average housing price could have had its first rise in 5 years

According to facts from the College of Property Registrars, which calculates the price of homes according to the index obtained from sold homes in the same area of influence home prices could be experiencing their first rise in 5 years. So, in the third trimester of this year, houses returned to dropping their prices another 5.35%, which means that in aggregate terms, a depreciation of 31.07% h

Rental returns in main Spanish cities are above that of the average return in London

Property not only provides much better returns than any deposit in the bank and is less risky than alternative investments, since you hold the asset and can use it, but the mature rental markets are also close to where they started, such as in the UK and in London itself. Property investors in Spain understand that rental returns have some limitations in the crisis that is happening, and that buy

Is the Internet the ultimate tool or just one approach to the market?

Thousands of buyers keep searching online on a daily basis, looking for a bargain and trying to grab it up.  I am sure they must be thinking, “The opportunities do not come and go... someone else must be snapping them up”. The great parts about online property listings within everyone’s reach also involve risks. I was just reading an article by Peter Robinson, the Managing Dire