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Avoid surprises when buying a “bargain”: the trap of the ITP Tax

  First and foremost, despite the tax system in Spain not favoring investors and buyers, the tendency of prices does, and to this extent, there are always legal paths for reducing the charges in a “generous” way.   Let us go to the point: When a person buys a second hand home in Spain ( no a newly built which will be applied the Spanish VAT instead of the ITP), he or she

When the big fish move to a market, the small fish…

Big property investors are positioning themselves in the Spanish property market. Not only the market, but also timing   seems to be crucial. Blackstone is the biggest mutual fund in the world, and, in the housing market alone, it manages 64 billion dollars in assets.  According to one if its top executives, “the housing sector in Spain is absolutely one of the areas where we are focusing.