Monthly Archives: May 2013

Average Home Prices fell 10% in April 2013

Homes that were appraised in April have lost value by, on average, 10%, in comparison with April last year, a fall very similar to that of last month (10.7%). Nothing allows us to think that in the coming months they are going to be worth more. On the contrary.  According to the monthly index from the appraiser Tinsa, which evaluates the highest volume in Spain, certifies this.  From its heig

New Spanish property laws (+taxation) strangle the market a bit more

Spanish policy makers are really working hard in order to make a much more difficult framework for the already declining property market. 2013 is probably the year in which the Government is trying to lock up the domestic property market to overseas investors. Not only is the Energy Performance Certificate becoming compulsory for sellers and landlords at the worst ever possible time (it is immi

Home sales have hit their lowest levels historically

54,512.  The number speaks for itself. It reflects the scarce number of home sales closed during the first trimester of 2013, according to the Ministry of Public Works' Statistics on Housing Transactions, based on signatures given before a notary.  Never before in this official time period-which started in 2004-has the housing market fallen so low.  A collapse that could have been even worse if