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Prices, locations, Q&A about Madrid city property market

There is no universal answer to the question as to whether it’s better to buy now or wait because you’ll just end up joining in with a game with many variables.  Disappointed? What is certain is that the Madrid property market, just like that of Valencia and the Catalan and Basque regions, has its own peculiarities. It is not the same to do a property investment or buying in a town as in the

Dealing with distressed sellers (II) … and a note about Bargain Killers

Just a few weeks ago a Spanish distressed seller contacted us in order to sell a good 3 bedroom property, an apartment, in Valencia city: newly renovated, with lovely transport links (underground and bus), on a fourth floor with views and a lift, fully furnished, and just 5 minutes walking to the old Turia’s riverbed gardens that cross the city. The asking price was €95K.  The selling pric

The Energy Certificate could cost an average €260 per apartment… ?

  The Energy Performance Certificate will be compulsory for Spanish houses starting from the 1st of June 2013. This is a must for home owners and landlords willing to sell or rent their property for a period of at least 4 months.   The cost of the Certificate is a big question mark in Spain at the moment This means, on one hand, an extra cost for home owners and investors. The cost

Is Spain a corrupted country? What is wrong?

Behind the sunny image of the country of Spain with its lovely beaches, amazing gastronomy and wines, enviable lifestyle, cheap properties and good property investment opportunities, there is a wounded Spain. Of course life goes on so there are still many reasons why it’s easy to break into a smile every day … but people have a feeling of pity inside them: the economic crisis, frustrations wit