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Should I Pay a Finder’s Fee to Source a Spanish Property?

Should I pay a Finder's Fee (FF) to source a Spanish property investment? Well, that is a good question now, given that the Spanish property market is supposed to be a buyer's market instead of a seller's market, as it is now in London, for example. To find the right property is a very hard job that requires skills, contacts and lots of time. Any professional agent and/or property finder should

Spanish New Build Property Prices Dropped By 6.9% In 2012, 33.5% Since 2007

The average price for new housing in the capitals of province has gone down a 6,9% in 2012, situating itself in 2,212 Euros per square metre, so an average flat of 90 square metres would have a price of 199.100 euros at the present moment, according to a report by the Property Valuation Society.   Since the value of new housing reached its highest point, in 2007, their price accumulates an

Five simple reasons why Spanish banks are a hated institution in Spain

Banks have a unique status in our society.  Powerful, and able to drive the economy, they seem heartless and ready to put profit above any moral or human principle. Why not just say this when it seems to be a generally held view?   They were vital in the good times when people needed money to fund projects – to buy a house, for example – but in recent years, with the economic crisis hi