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The Bad Bank: properties will not be sold to small investors or buyers

  We said that on the 30th November and it is confirmed. The President of the Society for the Management of Assets of the Bank Restructuring (SAREB), better known as the “bad bank”, that was recently created to absorb the "toxic" assets from Spanish Banks, Belen Romana, trusts that the housing market will not be destroyed with the sale of its assets. In her first press conference since t

Prices have dropped by 15.2% in Q3/2012 and will keep falling in 2013

These are some comments about the latest relevant figures that predict further property prices fall for 2013 and 2014. Prices will probably not recover until 2017 but in the current climate property bargains are already there. At the same time, expectations on foreign buyers are high.   The national market is ill and sales are still low: There is a need of properties in Spain but not the co

Foreign buyers keep buying homes in Spain as regulations change in 2013

  Foreign buyers are increasingly more attracted to houses on the market in Spain because of the possibility of having a second home in a warmer area that will only cost more or less half or even a third of the original asking prices that were seen in 2008.   The Public Works Ministry stated that 8,803 houses were purchased by foreigners in the third quarter, a jump of 18 percent from