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Dealing with Spanish distressed sellers who have good property bargains-Part I

Spain is a distressed property market with thousands of motivated sellers looking to sell their properties. Not very long ago (from around 2004 to 2007), we were talking about a seller's market where prices were increasing to their peaks and difficult price negotiation processes were undertaken. I would have said that sellers were too spoiled at the time. Now the market has changed and sellers are

The bad bank does not really matter for overseas buyers and investors

The bad bank does not really matter for overseas buyers and investors: What matters is buying now at the lower ever price and minimizing risks.   Property market prices are reaching rock-bottom in main cities. In city centres and in prime coastal areas prices are stable. We understand that the creation of the bad bank will not much affect this trend. Moreover, the bad bank may help things t

Be clear about your goals before searching for a property in Spain

  Before buying, be ready to see a lot of properties. During the property boom, home buyers would visit 4 or 5 properties before buying, whereas nowadays they may have to visit up to 20, 25 or even 30 different properties. If you are a home buyer you may need a second inspection trip.   Be clear about what your goal is in buying a property:   1) Is it for a permanent residence?

Increase of sales in Spain and optimism for 2013

The National Institute of Statistics has reported that in Spain, property sales have jumped up for the second straight month. In September, they counted approximately 26,000 sale and purchase agreements. This shows a 1% increase in comparison with September of 2011. This is good news since sales had been down for the past 17 straight months until August, and since the comparison of the two year

In Madrid, property prices decreased 4.2% during a seven months period (2011-12)

Everyone agrees: home prices are dropping.  But by how much?  And, above all, will they keep falling in Madrid?  TH, or Tasaciones Hipotecarias (Mortgage Appraisals), of BNP Paribas Real Estate, responds to the first question about Madrid Real Estate with an answer of 4.2% according to the last research dated Oct 2011 to April 2012. Nevertheless, prime areas in Madrid are stronger and stable &

Low budget investors are chasing after the Spanish market in the current crisis climate

Ten years ago it was very expensive to buy and invest in property in Spain. Now, after the credit crunch and the current property market crisis, Spain offers an opportunity to buy and even to invest in property that is not to be missed.   We have received dozens of enquiries from low budget investors and home buyers who want to take advantage of the opportunity that the current market clima