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Why Spain is still the country of choice to visit and to invest?

Four good reasons why investors and buyers continue to regard Spain as a safe and attractive choice to invest and enjoy   1) Spain is the main destination for British tourists and overseas property investment. Even in crisis the market is showing potential for overseas buyers, including Brits. Positive changes are taking place. According to the latest housing records (kept by registradores.

The Paramount Park Will Improve the Economy in Murcia but Will Become a “Bubble”

  The Paramount theme park will be the only one of its class in Europe and nobody wanted to miss an event in which the first-rate, over ambitious work was revealed and that, according to its developers, is called to relocate to the Murcia region and, more concretely, to Alhama de Murcia, on the map of global tourism.   “We will leave aside the seasonal nature that that sector of the

Will Prices Rise Again and When? what Values Should I be Looking for?

  The market in Spain is appealing for investors because of the fact that prices have been dropping and are lower than ever before.  People can't avoid at least looking for properties there when flats can be found for 46 thousand euros and houses for 79 thousand....even city and coastal properties!   TINSA, the main property price index group, states that falling prices have reached

Housing prices fall 11.2% in July

  The fall of housing prices drop in the month of July, going back down by 11.2%, opposite the 11.5% that the second quarter closed with, and this totals a descent of 31 since the maximum that was reached in December of 2007, according to the latest Tinsa report on local housing markets.   The majority of the territories followed this descending path, the most notable fall being that

Getting to the Point of Property Investment in the Current Market

  Property investment in Spain is currently a good opportunity to generate cash flow from buy-to-let, but only in an area with a solid rental market.   We believe that in the current property market climate, the only effective strategy for a first-time investor is to buy well below the market value from motivated sellers. Furthermore, investors must buy in cities where the rental dema