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Spain: unemployment reach its peak…deeper crisis and cuts

  Today 1st of May, this article is not about property. It is about unemployment and some examples of how the crisis in Spain and euro cuts salaries and jobs.     The situation in Spain continues its fall from bad to worse.  The Government cuts are meeting with financial burdens, the rise of taxes and the daily drama that the Spanish "middle class" (it is disappearing) are livi

Some Q&A about Spanish Property today

    Is it the right time to buy? Nobody can say 100% whether now is the right time to buy, speculating that property prices have reached the lowest possible level. Many experts have failed to predict this accurately since 2009-10. The fact is, prices have been dropping since 2007 and the average drop on the Spanish coasts is about 34% whereas in the cities, it is around 30%. In add

The Inheritance of Houses is Rocketing and Sales are Sinking: Why?

    The sale of homes in Spain is falling, but donations and inheritances are at their peak.  Opposite the year-to-year fall of 29.1% sales that was registered in the two first months of the year, inheritances and donations of homes have increased by 8.7%.     From January 2012 to February 2012, sales have plummeted to 63,832 units, compared with 89,981 during the same pe

Sales Fall by 31.8% (February) and Prices on the Coast by 34.9%

Property sales and property prices keep dropping in Spain. According  to the National Institute of Statistics, the number of sales dropped by 31.8% in February 2012 (30.745 properties were sold) compared with February 2011.   According to the Spanish property index firm TINSA, the average price in the Spanish property market dropped by 11.5% in March 2012 compared with the same m

New Agents and Great Properties in the Fair “A Place in the Sun”

  This year, a total of 38 stands offered “Properties in Spain” in the Fair "A Place in the Sun" in London (in 2011 there were 35).  There were properties repossessed by banks, product from property developers and offers from estate agents with dwellings for sale on the part of the owner.  Having 85% of new stands (most of them Estate Agents) with Spanish product this year is a total