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Rise in British Expats: Good News for the Spanish Market

If there is a clear indicator of the aftermath of the economic crisis, it is in the immigration stats. In 2011, more than half a million people (507,000), left the country to find a place with more opportunities for a better life. Only 62,611 were Spaniards, whereas the rest (445,130), were foreigners. Nevertheless, British expats are still increasing their presence in Spain, despite the turmoi

10 facts about the Spanish property market in 2012 !

  The New Year brings a good panorama for property buyers and investors. 2011 has been the year in which property investors and home-buyers have kept a closer eye on property prices in Spain. Better prices; better quality of the new property stock; encouraging rental market; more security to investors; are, in short, some of the key points for investors and home buyers in Spain in 2012. &