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Can you get non paying tenants out in 10 days?

By Andrés Díez Bronzini (Abogado & Rechtsanwalt)     The Spanish law maker has changed the court proceedings with regards to non paying tenants. Does this new law mean that the landlord can get his non paying tenant out in just 10 days?   Suppose your tenant is defaulting. It will take approximately 2 weeks from the day your lawyer files the claim for the overburdened cou

Lavapies, a traditional borough in Madrid with a solid property market

  If there is an area in the city of Madrid where Brits can get an authentic feeling of what the Spanish capital was like in the early 1900s, it is the borough of Lavapiés. Lavapiés is in the heart of Madrid. The borough, in Madrid’s city centre, is one of the most dynamic urban areas in the country. Since the renovation scheme which began in 1998, a total of 9,600 properties have alre

Alicante: easy to go, to enjoy and come back full of positive energy

By Ines Miladinov (travel writer) Alicante is one of the fastest growing provinces in Spain. Alicante city, is already considered to be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Comunidad Valenciana. Frequent and affordable flights from London make it an easily accessible tourist attraction. Alicante has a unique combination of a modern metropolis, seaside and laidback countryside.