Monthly Archives: June 2011

City of Madrid is running out of new-built stock

The Spanish property consultancy Foro Consultores, has recently released its report with the Madrid property finder about the Madrid housing market in new developments (2007-2011). The main conclusion of their analysis is that new-built property stock in Madrid was reduced by up to 50% between 2007 and 2010. The new-built property stock decreased from 10,000 units to just slightly more than 5,000

Q1/2011: Sales disaster after an interesting property show

We are back in London from the SIMA property show in Madrid, which is the biggest property event in Spain. Putting things together from the show (interviews, meetings, contacts) and having recovered from the excellent time and laughter that we had with real people in Madrid, the reality slaps us in the face. Nobody can say that The Spanish Brick looks at the market with pessimism after our last